Thursday, 18 August 2011

Project Project Runway: Go Big Or Go Home Challenge

Project Project Runway Challenge Number 3 was to Go Big Or Go Home!

Basically, that meant we had to design for models on stilts. Okaaaaay....

The first hurdle of course was to fashion some sort of facsimile of a pair of stilts in Barbie size.

Thread spools work really well. They are big enough to act as stilts and Aurora can put her pointy toe in the hole for added balance. Perfect. Now onto the designing!

I was really glad that we were pretty much given free reign to design our outfits and choose our fabrics. Finally!

Hmmm ... can't really see my sketch very well in the scan. I came up with a pant suit, loosely inspired by a sailor suit - only updated and not costume-y (since the judges hate costumes). I wanted a bold print for most of the suit and a solid colour for the jacket and wide belt.

Here's what I came up with:

Eeeeeeee! I love it so much! Doesn't Aurora look awesome?

Even the back looks good.

Boy was it difficult to sew a tiny coat for Aurora. I managed pretty well though, and I love that I chose to line it with the pant and tank top material.

Here are the "buttons" I sewed onto the front of the jacket and the wide belt. I like the pop of yellow colour to really bring out that bold print.

And here is Aurora modelling without the jacket. It's a good thing I figured out how to sew a miniature jacket or the judges would have ripped me apart for this simple tank top. Yipes! What do they have against tank tops?

Overall, I think this look is my best so far. I think the judges would be impressed that I made an outfit for a stiltwalker that didn't end up looking too costume-y.

Nina would totally say that it's too Matchy Matchy.
Heidi would say it looks too old.
Michael would just be amazed that I was able to pull off three pieces when I've never sewn a jacket before.

I think I'll be passed through to the next challenge. Although... wait a minute... I saw the previews and it looks like we'll have to design something that Nina would wear.... ack... maybe I change my mind... maybe I should go home now...

Little known fact about my model Aurora:
She was raised in the circus - so she's an incredible stiltwalker. Although she was secretly hoping they would make her do some trapeze routines instead.

You can check out the entire Runway for the "My Pet Project" challenge here.

You can check out all the Project Project Runway works in progress and finished projects on this Flickr Group as well.


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Jessica Hanley said...

The lining in the jacket is my favorite part. I love those unexpected details.

kat said...

The yellow of the buttons is a really good pop of that color

kolotosa said...

That actually looks really chic! The colour palette is great; that green in the belt and jacket is perfect and really helps to soften and break up the allover print. The combination of print with wide belt and wide leg of the suit actually has a very retro 70s vibe about it which is very in this season.

I'm not sure if it's just Aurora's angle or what, but the neckline of the tank almost looks asymmetrical, which (intentional or not! :P) looks really cool. Gives it a bit more of an edge.

I could totally see some hateful, tall stick model wearing an outfit like this; maybe in a light, summery, fluid fabric to contrast the structure of the jacket. Nice work!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Auruora looks awesome! the lined jacked is amazing considering how freaking tiny those arm holes must be!!!!