Thursday, 4 August 2011

Happy Birthday to My Sweetie Little 2 Year Old - Miss Laney

Happy Birthday Lane!

I can't believe that my little girl is 2 years old already. It feels like I've known her all my life.

To say that she is a handful is the understatement of the century. Since the moment she was born, Lane has been a whirlwind of activity and happy :D

We had a birthday BBQ for her this past weekend. She got to blow out two candles on her chocolate cake.

She even agreed to share some of her cake with her brother. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Logan looks a little like he's in some sort of cake coma.

Gone are the baby-ish things like mushy food and funny vocabulary (she can now say "Cookie Monster" instead of "Tamisue"). Although she still pronounces all of her F's as S's. So everything is still very "sunny" in her world. :)

Of course, the best part of any birthday is the presents!

We turned her loose in Toys R Us and let her pick her own present this year. She found a really lifelike stuffed bunny similar to the real ones we have in our backyard. She wouldn't let that bunny go throughout the whole tour of the toy store. So bunny came home with us. She also added a funny (er I mean "sunny") ball sprinkler, and a stuffed puppy (shown in the photo above) to her birthday present list.

This is a photo of Logan making a birthday card complete with stickers and sparkly jewels on it. Lane was offering pointers - I think. Who knows? She has a serious case of sticking out her tongue during every photo shoot. Hah!

Happy Birthday little darling, sweetie, precious, baby (I mean "little girl").

We also had a going away party for our friend Rejean at the same time. He's moving to Ottawa for a job that he just got. Good job Rej! Here's to establishing a great life in the nation's capital.

The party ended up being kind of last minute, but I managed to eek out a handmade going away gift.

A vintage inspired pillow! Winter on one side.

And autumn on the other. Too bad I didn't find spring or summer while I was searching for these panels. Oh well.

Good luck to Rej!

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Unknown said...

A (very late...sorry!) happy birthday to little lovely Laney!!!