Monday, 29 August 2011

Macrame Monday: The Chinese Braid

The Chinese Braid.

Looks gorgeous don't it? And I conquered it this past weekend! :D

A 16 stranded braid is no easy challenge. I wanted to share the how to with all of you but then realized that this tutorial would be about 16 pages long and as confusing as they come.

So I scoured the ole' internets for you all and found this lovely PDF that shows you - in about a billion steps, how to weave this intricate mess of 16 strands.

The author of this PDF actually cited the same book that I learned from.

The Basic Book of Fingerweaving by Ester Warner Dendel. It was published in 1974 and is now out of print. Anyway - the instructions looked like this...


Anyhoo... I promise that once you get going, it's not as difficult as all that.

And you'll have a most splendid result!

Stay tuned to the Tawny Bee shop or the Tawny Bee fanpage in the next couple of days and I'll have a few of these beauties for sale :D

You might be wondering why on earth have I decided to up and leave my spool knitting and learn the Chinese Braid? It will all come together my darlings ;) I plan on using my long strands of spool knitting by Chinese braiding it into a mystery project mwahaha. That's all I'm going to say for now.

Now I'll leave you with beauteous images of the Chinese Braid.

The vest of the bottom of the left hand page and the belt in the middle of the right hand page are both made using the Chinese Braid and featured in the fingerweaving book I learned from.

A fancy jewelry version of the Chinese Braid design. Pretty! Sparkly!

Source: via Tawny on Pinterest

This one was sold on Etsy awhile back and is the only version of the Chinese Braid that I could find using actual cords. Finding images of a correct Chinese Braid is almost impossible even with the power of Google. Bleh.

Source: via Tawny on Pinterest

The red and blue rope (second form the bottom) is also an example. I found this one when I looked up "Karakumi" which isn't quite a Chinese Braid, but it's as close as I can find.


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Hey there, visiting from Hollys. That looks very pretty, but complicated. Kuddos to you.