Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Logan's Sponge Bob Apron

Logan loves to help me in the kitchen. Especially when I'm baking.

I always wear an apron when I'm baking because I'm a disaster with flour. Well, Logan noticed this and wanted an apron too. He actually found his super hero cape and tied it onto his front in order to have an apron like mommy's.

Well, this just wouldn't do. So I pulled out my One Yard Wonders book and found the Convertible Craft Apron pattern.

It worked out perfectly.

Sponge Bob! With little fishies for a pocket and cupcake ribbon for the ties.

And it converts into this cute little supplies bag. It hangs neatly next to mommy's apron in the kitchen and Logan pulls it out every time we start baking.

I had a little trouble keeping the ribbon in the apron. It kept coming out. So I measured where Logan could put it over his head and sewed the ties to the apron. But then, Logan didn't like how it hanged on his front. I ended up cutting the ties at the top and tying them around his waist and neck. Might try a heavier material for the next one. Or line it or something. Of course then it would be more than a one yard wonder, but Logan would like it a bit more I think.

Isn't he the most adorable kitchen helper ever?

And did you know that this is my 702th post? Wow! 700 just rolled on by without me noticing. I've been writing this blog since March of 2007. Can you believe it?


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