Saturday, 20 August 2011

Friday Evening Movie in the Park

Last night we followed a grand Winnipeg tradition:

Flock to the free stuff!

Yup - true Winnipeggers love the free stuff. It was free movie night at Assiniboine Park last night. During August, on Friday evenings, they play a kid's movie at 7:00 and then an adult movie at around 9-ish.

So we went to Montana's for dinner and then headed to the park to see Ice Age (although they really played Ice Age 2, but I'm not complaining. It was free after all).

I know - another picture of Lane with her tongue hanging out. And her tongue is green because she had just finished a green sucker that she got after her dinner.

Logan was a little more laid back. And for those of you friends who are reading this blog and are thinking: "Look at those terrible parents letting Logan sit in the death trap of a Canada chair that I'm pretty sure broke into a pile of twisted metal last time we had a get together," I say: "We bought new ones!" Yay!

As the sun started going down, Lane was getting a little tired and antsy. She watched some of the movie from daddy's knee.


Both kids decided it would be more fun to hang out on the picnic blanket. By this point, they were only watching some of the interesting parts of the movie (like the squirrel hunting that blasted acorn). They both played peacefully on the blanket and we had a fantastic time. We didn't stay for the second movie (which was Raiders of the Lost Ark :O) The kids were starting to get sleepy. But they were excited enough after their first outdoor movie experience that they stayed awake for the entire ride home.

So, who's in for next Friday? They are playing Monsters vs. Aliens and then Top Gun. :)

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