Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Digg It Skirt: A Tutorial

During my summer of no pants, I've been busily making a few skirts to wear.

This one is super easy. Like - I made it in 20 minutes easy!

And don't I look cute in my Digg It Skirt?

First you need an unflattering man's t-shirt.

Enter exhibit A. I actually love this t-shirt, but I don't like how it looks on me. Better to turn it into something cute.

Step One:

Cut off the sleeves.

Step Two:

Cut across the top.

Step Three:

Sew the edges where the sleeves were together on each side. Make sure to sew it to make a nice smooth seam. You don't want pucker-ey hips!

Step Four:

Fold down top 1/4 inch and then again an inch. Sew casing. Insert elastic that fits you. Sew up opening.


Back view.

And I gotta admit - I like it that my bum says Digg. It seems a little strange that I should like this, but I don't exactly know why. I just Digg It!

(of course, on the days that I don't Digg it, I can always circle the skirt around and have the words across my tummy instead.)

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