Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With the Slurpees

To continue our wedding adventure - scrapbook style - we take a look at the venue.

This page was taken pretty much word for word (as in, I printed the blog post out and pasted onto the paper) from this post. St. Malo was chosen for very special reasons. It was the most perfect place in the world for us to get married. On Sunday, for our anniversary, we went to the beach and reminisced about this perfect, perfect, PERFECT day. :D

Next, I couldn't forget to include our lovely DIY invites. We printed these invites out from a free printable from The Wedding Chicks.

They don't really look that smudgy of course. I just applied the smudgy tool liberally to our address, phone numbers and emails to post on this blog hehehe.

Now that we have our invites and actual people were coming to our wedding, we can get on with the events of the day :D

First stop: The pre-wedding Slurpee run to 7-Eleven. You may remember this awesome event from this post.

If you've seen those terrible new commercials for Travel Manitoba, then you may be thinking the same thing as I was while making this page: It's a Manitoba Thing. Hahaha.

And of course we wouldn't have had a very good wedding without a few good men:

Groomsmen that is! A recap on all things in wacky groomsmen attire was posted here last year.

Well... I think that is about all one can take of our crazy wedding for one day. Come back tomorrow for our continuing adventures.

Until then, I leave you with this question: Did you scrapbook your own wedding? Did you get a professional to put together a wedding album? Did you blog about it? Can I see it? Will you link the post in the comments so that I can stalk... er... check it out?

Hmmm OK that ended up being a little more than a question. Ooops.


Jennie said...

I have a big photo album from our wedding, which I put together myself. Maybe I should photograph some of the pages and share!

DangAndBlast! said...

You missed one option... do you have a lovely scrapbook that a friend started for you as a wedding present (with pictures of the two of you from way back when), and is it sitting in a box with all the stuff you plan to put in it some day... now nearly five years later? :)