Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With The Fox Butts

Continuing on with our tour of my wedding scrapbook. We had a page for the handsome groomsmen. So it's only fair that we have a page dedicated to my lovely bridesmaids.

The text comes from this post (highlighting the beautiful red bridesmaid tops that I sewed for them).

And there wouldn't be a wedding without our awesome kids! :D

A sappy sweet explanation as to why our kids being at our wedding was in the stars was posted here and that's where I got the text for this page.

Aww isn't our little ring bearer the cutiest wootiest?

And what? You mean the wedding wouldn't even be a wedding without this guy?

Sexy ain't he? Too bad for you though! I already married him! :D

The Groom is the next page. Terry wore a Megadeth muscle shirt with a tie made out of fox butts - highlighted here. Super Awesome.

And now that you've got the image of fox butts in your head, I can't really top that with the next page, so we'll leave it there for today.

I hope you're enjoying my wedding scrapbook as much (well maybe not as much as... but close...?) as I do. If you aren't, just skip through the next couple of posts coming your way and I promise I'll be back to my crazy stories and wacky sewing creations next week. :)

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