Friday, 29 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With The Food

I saved the food scrapbook page for Food Friday of course!

Our lovely friend Janice made our yummy carrot/raisin cake and cupcakes. She even transported them out to the park in the heat and somehow got the icing not to melt into a pool of mushy goo. She's a wonder woman!

I made the cake topper myself. It featured Smurfette and Spiderman. Perfect for us. :D The cake topper in all its glory is posted here.

We also had a terrific yummy BBQ. The adventures getting the BBQ to the park were... um... fun. The BBQ fell out of the truck on the highway. We stopped, helped pick it back up, tied it down even better and kept going. Only a little leg bottom was damaged. Not too bad!

I won't show you the rest of the pages. Mostly because one features our marriage certificate and would have to be fuzzed out for blog posting. The others feature photos of our families and we wouldn't want to post them on the blog much because you know, not everyone is an open book like me and pastes their pictures all over the Internet hehehe.

Actually the real reason I'm not showing you the rest is because I'm a slow scrapbooker and haven't got the rest of the pages done yet. *blush*

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