Monday, 25 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With The Door Humping

For our 1st wedding anniversary yesterday, I finally got around to making a scrapbook wedding album. The traditional gift is paper, so this became the perfect gift for both of us!

And because I have a huge, kinda daunting project looming that I want to get done this week, I am going to share this scrapbook experience with you.

It's my first foray into scrapbooking. Still don't quite understand the draw. But nevertheless, I think I did OK.

We'll be reliving my wacky and wonderful wedding from the "man" ties to the pre-wedding Slurpee run. The evening when I bribed my friends with booze to get them to help me make wedding drums. And all the other DIY wedding craftiness and fun details that made our wedding one of a kind :D

.... in scrapbook form!

Starting with:

The cover!

Then onto - The Beginning.

This page documents the beginning of our relationship (nearly 11 years ago!) when marriage was the last thing on our minds. The photos are of Terry and me at the Halloween social in 2000. I was dressed up as a businessman in really huge pants. Terry was dressed as a white rapper, complete with jam pants and crazy toque. Yup, we know how to party! The second photo was when I took the bus for 10 hours all the way up to Thompson to visit Terry during our first summer apart in 2001.

The text reads:

Terry and I met while living in residence at the University of Manitoba.
Everyone who knew us will tell you that we were destined for each other after one crazy night in 1st year. Our friend Josh had decided to take Terry out for drinks. Somehow the night had deteriorated into a tequila drinking contest.
Meanwhile, I was out for the night (possibly on a date...). Anyway, drunken Terry de4cided that it would be much more fun to have me come along on the evening's adventures. I didn't answer the door to my dorm room... obviously.
Terry then proceeds to "hump" my door with his bum until it gave way and broke. Gah!
Yup... destined to be with the door humper.
Actually our friends say that he must have been so into me that he broke down my door to get to me.
We didn't actually start dating until October 2000 (our 2nd year of university).
It was destiny.

Next comes - The Proposal

You can read the text in the "We're Engaged" post. And of course there are pics of my pretty pretty wedding ring (which doubled as an engagement ring - explanation in the "We're Engaged" post).

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next few pages in our journey to wedded bliss!


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Naturally Me Creations said...

Tnx for entering the giveaway! And lovely scrapbook, how nice that you started it waaay in the beginning of your relationship. ;)

We got married in May 2010 and i STILL haven't finished my wedding album! :O I'll get it done one day... :)

Good luck for the competition!!