Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summertime Plans: Clowns

When I was growing up there seemed to be a lot of kids that were scared of clowns.

I wasn't one of them, and neither are my kids.

In fact, a few months ago we were browsing through the book sale at the mall when Logan came across this book.

He really wanted me to get it and make him all sorts of clowns.

A few days ago, he found this book on the shelf and again asked me to make him a clown.

Also, while we were at the Red River Ex eating lunch, Logan noticed a clown entertaining the crowd. He was hooked. He loved this clown's costume, his horn, his balloon tying abilities, his clowniness.

As we were leaving the Red River Ex there was another clown on stilts. Logan watched him for a very long time, totally fascinated.

Hmmmm.... my keen mommy skills have picked up yet another interest to nurture.

So this week it's going to be clowns week!

I am finally going to get around to sewing a clown or two out of the book.

Logan and I will make Clown cupcakes (along with the monster cupcakes that Logan's been bugging me to make).

And do you remember making tin can stilts when you were a kid? I remember these fondly. I loved walking down the driveway in with my "stilts." Well, we're gonna make 'em! :D

And luckily for Lane, who is still working on colours (she now thinks everything is yellow-green) clowns are full of terrific colours to learn.

What are your plans with the kids this week?

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