Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Summertime Plans: Beat The Heat

If you haven't been to Winnipeg in the past week, you might not believe me - but we've been having a serious heat wave.

Temperatures have been above 30 degrees C for the past couple of weeks. With the humidity - the temperature is closer to 40. Today it was 33 but felt like 44.

So this next week is all about beating the heat. Forget lesson plans and furthering my children's educations. We just want to stay cool.

There will be tons of wading pool and sprinkler action.

Today for example, we spent the morning outside in the front yard with the dual purpose of keeping ourselves cool and watering my poor dried out and burnt garden.

We set up the sprinkler in the front yard to help along our burnt and half dead lawn. Did I mention that it hasn't rained for weeks either?

Logan and Lane has a terrific time scooping up our burnt and half dead leaves from the poor dried out tree. Soaking those leaves in the sprinkler and then putting them in between the branches to make a nest. Fun!

I chillaxed in the shade and took it easy. What an awesome morning. We ended up having a picnic lunch (with fresh cherries) and playing until afternoon nap time. We even had a freezie to cool off.

I call for more days with water, play, popsicles and fun and less days of me pushing that double stroller (and getting a huge bruise on my wrist because of it) to the park where there are a bunch of sweaty kids and tired summer program workers.

Less sweaty and cranky and more water sports and happy kids. That's what this week is going to be about.

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