Saturday, 30 July 2011

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #16

So here's the thing....

I seriously want to slap anyone who asks me if I've seen the Smurfs movie, or what I think about the Smurfs movie.

I know, I know ... I'm the girl who is supposed to love the Smurfs.

I have a friggin Smurf tattoo for goodness sake!

And a mighty collection of Smurf stuff. The latest additions being ones given to me by my dad while I was in hospital in Edmonton.

But if I get asked the questions one more time, I'm going to scream!

The truth is that I'm scared for this movie. It's doomed to failure because it'll never live up to our expectations.

And I'm not going to watch it unless I'm interested in downing a keg of beer, beating my childhood memories into a bloody pulp and destroying the sweet innocence of waking up early on Saturday morning to watch the Smurfs cartoon with my daddy all in one cataclysmic event of soul sucking 3D trickery.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.

But if you ask me (and I don't punch you), I will answer with:

"I Smurfed it."

Take from that what you will.


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Stranger said...

I couldnt have said it better myself. I probably will see it, but on a small screen and yes, I will have something to numb the pain of such a tragic depiction of my childhood memories.

Tawny said...

Yeah, it's pretty miserable. I guess this is how my husband feels when they come out with yet another comic book movie though. Payback! hehehe