Friday, 29 July 2011

Project Project Runway: My Model


I've been chosen to compete in Project Project Runway!

Ok... so anyone who wants to join in is allowed to be a designer. But still - OMG!

Basically, Project Project Runway is a fun challenge thought up by the lovely ladies at Just Crafty Enough. We follow along the real episodes of Project Runway (now on Season 9) and compete in the challenges each week in miniature form (with dolls).

So excited to get started!

Of course, the first grueling task of the season was to cast my model. Not just any model will do. I have very high standards when it comes to models.

Naturally, I went to the Thrift Store. That's where my kind of models hang out.

I found this beauty for $1. Yes! She works for cheap! :)

Meet Aurora.

She's a little uncouth. Likes to chill out all naked in the sink. *sigh*
She might give me problems later. I hope she doesn't show up late for my fittings. But I couldn't pass by her long brunette hair and that awesome hot pink lipstick.

Anyway, the season premiere of Project Runway was on last night and our challenge was announced this morning. It's a "Come As You Are" challenge.

Hmmm... since Miss Aurora didn't come clothed, we are allowed to complete the challenge with fabric similar to our own pajamas. Well it just so happens that I have some scrap left from pajama shorts that I made for myself. Perfect. And a white 10 by 10 piece of cotton (to act as the bed sheet featured in the episode).

Aurora agreed to some modesty for this photo - but insisted I make her a short dress. Uh oh, she's gonna be a handful!

So, should I dye it? Should I cover it in trim? Hmmm... I'm sure whatever I choose, it'll be great and tacky just like everything I touch :D

Stay tuned for a post from my work bench later in the week and the big reveal on Thursday!


Kathleen said...

Love Aurora's attitude... you're gonna have fun!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

bedazzle it! and glue on some sequins and maybe some glitter glue and....

this sounds like it will be fun to watch!

Cyn said...

Love it! Cant' wait to see what you are going to come up with. I'm super excited to be doing this challenge too!