Monday, 11 July 2011

Macrame Monday: Traditional Vertical Knotted Friendship Bracelets (How To)

I bet you thought that I wouldn't get to the traditional friendship bracelet. Well, after much fiddling around with my own little designs, I thought I would give the traditional tying method a try.

I kinda hated the vertical clove hitch knot the first time I tried it. I just couldn't get it right in my head. I think I was overthinking it.

Anyway, the vertical clove hitch is the only knot we'll be using to make these bracelets. And once you get going, it's really very simple.

Supplies Needed:
- embroidery floss in a few colours. I used three shades for mine
- glass beads (optional) I used the long variety
- wooden dowel or tape to anchor your project

Time Needed:
- Without beading these bracelets don't take very long. Maybe an hour a bracelet to begin with
- With beading the bracelets will take longer (mine took about 3 hours each)

Skill Needed:
- Simple project
- knowledge of vertical clove hitch knot

Step One:
- cut 6 long strands of embroidery floss in various colours. I used twice my arm length as a measure.
- fold each strand in half and anchor them over your dowel with an overhand knot (or tape to paper and use an overhand knot to create a beginning loop).

Step Two:
- Take your outermost left thread (whichever colour you choose) and tie a vertical clove hitch knot over the next thread in line. Use the same thread you started with and tie another vertical clove hitch knot onto the next thread in line. Repeat until you tie a vertical clove hitch knot onto all the threads. The thread you started with should now be at the right side now.

Step Three:
- Take the next outermost left thread (this could be a different colour if you want thin stripes, or the same colour if you want thicker stripes). Repeat step two.

Step Four:
- Continue in this manner (repeating steps two and three) until your bracelet is of desired length. Or if you want to bead, stop in between rows and place a bead on each thread before continuing. I stopped every six rows to add a row of beads. I ended up having 6 bands of striped knotted rows and 5 bands of beads.

Step Five:
When your desired length is reached, tie all threads using another overhand knot. Trim excess threads making sure to leave a few inches of "tail" in order to be able to tie the bracelet on your wrist. I braided two tails using the end pieces and knotted them both for an easier time when tying the bracelet on a wrist.

Tie some more!

Or if you would rather purchase your very own set of traditional micro-macrame friendship bracelets, you can visit the links below and they will take you to Tawny Bee where I have a set eagerly waiting for a good home:

Striped and Beaded Micro Macrame Friendship Bracelet Set - Sunshine and Green Pastures:
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Striped and Beaded Micro Macrame Friendship Bracelet Set - Sunset
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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

lovely! K2 is constantly making all kinds of friendship bracelets, I should snap some pics and will defnitely show her yours with the beads, too cute.

The beads are called bugle beads :)

Abby said...

Love this! Very cute and practical. I love your blog!

Your newest follower,
(come take a look if you like)

Lovely Light said...

Hi there- found you through Sew Much Ado's hop and am a new follower. I love these- and I just bought a grab bag of thread...I gonna make it. I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

I hope you have a great week!