Saturday, 9 July 2011

Family Vacation: Pisew Falls

The next stop on our family vacation was Pisew Falls (near Thompson, Manitoba).

Lane and mommy at the falls. There was a long wooden path to follow to get out to the lookout for the falls. Logan had a great time holding grandma's hand and yapping and yapping with her about all things little boy all the way out there.

Then we hiked out to the suspension bridge to check it out. It wasn't too long of a hike, but I'm glad I wore pants under my dress! Lots of bugs and brush.

Check out that cheeky little girl! Every picture I took of her with daddy and Logan on this bridge resulted in her sticking out her tongue. We didn't even notice until we looked at the photos later.

Look at this outdoorsman. He's a walking advertisement for my sewing. The pants and hat match and were made by me :D But more than that, he's just a cutie!

When we got to the cottage, Logan and Lane spent a few hours exploring the rocky beach down at the lake. Lots of rock castles to be made! It was nice to sit on a bench and relax while grandma entertained the kids. Sadly, no grandparents live near enough to us to enjoy this luxury more often.

And here is a cute snapshot of Lane that I took outside a restaurant in Ashern where we stopped for dinner on the long drive home.

She was very excited because we told her that we were going to let her run out her wiggles at the playground across the street. That playground saved us from a near meltdown last time we made this trip home with a 1 and a half year old Logan. Worked like a charm this time too!

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