Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Family Vacation: The Long Drive

We're back from our family adventure to Thompson Manitoba.

Terry is from Thompson, so we went to visit grandma and grandpa.

Wow! Is grandma and grandpa's house far away!

The kids did surprisingly well on the long, long drive though.

iPhones work really well to distract little boys when the car doesn't sport a DVD player. Terry says that DVD players in cars are stupid anyway, so we won't be getting one. He says (and I agree): "When the kids are old enough to read, they can read a good old fashioned book instead of watching movies."

When they are small, there are other ways to entertain.

Like stickers!

I brought a few of those Dora the Explorer sticker activity books. Logan diligently worked on putting his stickers in the proper spots in the book. Lane just took the stickers, decorated her hair with them and them fell asleep. :D

We stopped at Devil's Lake because we thought there would be ice cream there like there was last time we made this trip. Nope. But it was a good place to stretch our legs and further increase Logan's love for outhouses of all varieties.

Lane sat on a picnic bench and explored the surroundings. She got a bunch of mosquito bites (including the one on her face from that sneaky mosquito in the photo below).

Terry was the happy driver the whole way there. Possibly this was because he didn't have to deal with kids in the back shouting things like:

"Are we there yet?" (the first of these was when we were leaving the Tim's parking lot still in Winnipeg)

"Can I have a snack?"

"I have to pee."

"Waaahhh Ogan poking me!"

And variations of the above over and over again.

But we all got there in one piece with two sugared up, bouncing off the walls, picking at each other, singing, dancing, kids and two caffeinated, exhausted parents with sore butts from sitting in the same position for too long.

Tomorrow I'll continue our family vacation adventure.

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