Friday, 8 July 2011

Family Vacation: The Cottage

While we were visiting Thompson, we took a trek down to Setting Lake where grandma and grandpa have a cottage.

Logan was so excited about all the fun things inside this cottage.

* As was I - there was an antique sewing machine in the original case just sitting there for me to inspect and fall in love with. But more about that in another post.

There was a fish on the wall. Grandma took it down to for the kids to inspect. No it's not a real fish, even though grandpa tried to take the credit for catching this stuffed, soft, fabric version of a catfish.

We got to sleep up in the loft. Logan loved climbing up and down the ladder stairs. He felt like there was a park inside the cottage.

Lane really liked jumping on all the beds and inspecting things.

Logan helped grandma make pancakes for lunch! Yum!

And both kids played with all the strange new toys in the living room. Logan even got to check out the first record player he's ever seen. "That thing plays music? Cool!"

There were a ton of odd treasures to figure out.

Lane found a particularly funny one - if you've ever watched a certain famous Christmas movie -

You'll shoot your eye out!

Coming up soon - our trip to the falls and some outside fun at the lake.

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Jennie said...

What an awesome holiday! Or do I have to say vacation?