Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Clowns Week Wrap Up

This week was all about clowns!

I made a clown bean bag from a pattern in the clowns book I showed you in the Summertime Planning post.

And we made clown cupcakes. Yeah, the licorice didn't really bend well, so they look kinda funny. But they're clowns! They are supposed to be funny!

Logan decorated these all by himself. Not bad eh?

I also told Logan that we could make monster cupcakes in this batch as well. He was so excited about making monsters, that I wasn't even sure the clowns were going to get done. But once I told him that we were going to put cherries as noses and popcorn as funny hair, he was sold.

Here are our Monster Creatures from the Blue Lagoon cupcakes. Some had one eye, some had three. Some had two chocolate chip noses, some had three or four. Awesome. Logan decorated these so creatively and carefully. I'm really proud of him.

Our colours training for Lane is going equally as well this week. She came up to me yesterday with some socks and said, "blue socks." And they were actually blue! Yay! Good girl.

We didn't get to the clown stilts yet. I found the perfect cans for the stilts - the party peanuts. But we only have one can and it's still about a quarter full. Once we eat them all and get another can, I'll work on putting together some stilts for Logan. I think these party peanut cans are perfect because they are low and wide. For a first-time stilter, Logan needs something easy to practice with :)

What kinds of things did you do with your kids this week? If you're in Winnipeg, did this heat wave muck up some of your plans? I think we are all turning into fish with the amount of times we've been to the wading pools and playing in the sprinkler.

Stay cool!


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