Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Showcase: String Me Along

Did you know that String Me Along is the featured seller on the Trans Canada Etsy Team right now?

Well, she is... and she's awesome.

Go check out an interview from this lovely Halifax-ian? Halifax-ite? Halifax-er? Hmmm.... well go check it out despite my geographical name stupidity.

Or check out String Me Along on Etsy

Here is my favourite item in the String Me Along shop: Meadow Song - Bug and Bloom Earrings

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #16

So here's the thing....

I seriously want to slap anyone who asks me if I've seen the Smurfs movie, or what I think about the Smurfs movie.

I know, I know ... I'm the girl who is supposed to love the Smurfs.

I have a friggin Smurf tattoo for goodness sake!

And a mighty collection of Smurf stuff. The latest additions being ones given to me by my dad while I was in hospital in Edmonton.

But if I get asked the questions one more time, I'm going to scream!

The truth is that I'm scared for this movie. It's doomed to failure because it'll never live up to our expectations.

And I'm not going to watch it unless I'm interested in downing a keg of beer, beating my childhood memories into a bloody pulp and destroying the sweet innocence of waking up early on Saturday morning to watch the Smurfs cartoon with my daddy all in one cataclysmic event of soul sucking 3D trickery.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.

But if you ask me (and I don't punch you), I will answer with:

"I Smurfed it."

Take from that what you will.


Smurfing this confession over at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something. Head on over there and wish Kim a safe and fun holiday while checking out all the latest dirt.


Friday, 29 July 2011

Project Project Runway: My Model


I've been chosen to compete in Project Project Runway!

Ok... so anyone who wants to join in is allowed to be a designer. But still - OMG!

Basically, Project Project Runway is a fun challenge thought up by the lovely ladies at Just Crafty Enough. We follow along the real episodes of Project Runway (now on Season 9) and compete in the challenges each week in miniature form (with dolls).

So excited to get started!

Of course, the first grueling task of the season was to cast my model. Not just any model will do. I have very high standards when it comes to models.

Naturally, I went to the Thrift Store. That's where my kind of models hang out.

I found this beauty for $1. Yes! She works for cheap! :)

Meet Aurora.

She's a little uncouth. Likes to chill out all naked in the sink. *sigh*
She might give me problems later. I hope she doesn't show up late for my fittings. But I couldn't pass by her long brunette hair and that awesome hot pink lipstick.

Anyway, the season premiere of Project Runway was on last night and our challenge was announced this morning. It's a "Come As You Are" challenge.

Hmmm... since Miss Aurora didn't come clothed, we are allowed to complete the challenge with fabric similar to our own pajamas. Well it just so happens that I have some scrap left from pajama shorts that I made for myself. Perfect. And a white 10 by 10 piece of cotton (to act as the bed sheet featured in the episode).

Aurora agreed to some modesty for this photo - but insisted I make her a short dress. Uh oh, she's gonna be a handful!

So, should I dye it? Should I cover it in trim? Hmmm... I'm sure whatever I choose, it'll be great and tacky just like everything I touch :D

Stay tuned for a post from my work bench later in the week and the big reveal on Thursday!

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With The Food

I saved the food scrapbook page for Food Friday of course!

Our lovely friend Janice made our yummy carrot/raisin cake and cupcakes. She even transported them out to the park in the heat and somehow got the icing not to melt into a pool of mushy goo. She's a wonder woman!

I made the cake topper myself. It featured Smurfette and Spiderman. Perfect for us. :D The cake topper in all its glory is posted here.

We also had a terrific yummy BBQ. The adventures getting the BBQ to the park were... um... fun. The BBQ fell out of the truck on the highway. We stopped, helped pick it back up, tied it down even better and kept going. Only a little leg bottom was damaged. Not too bad!

I won't show you the rest of the pages. Mostly because one features our marriage certificate and would have to be fuzzed out for blog posting. The others feature photos of our families and we wouldn't want to post them on the blog much because you know, not everyone is an open book like me and pastes their pictures all over the Internet hehehe.

Actually the real reason I'm not showing you the rest is because I'm a slow scrapbooker and haven't got the rest of the pages done yet. *blush*

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With Ryan Reynolds

More scrapbooky goodness today. I promise, only one... maybe two... (or three at the most!) posts left about this particular scrapbook.

Since we had the groom last post, we couldn't forget about me! Yup, the wedding is really all about the bride right?

OK, so mostly this page is about the specialness of the brocade fabric that I used to make my wedding dress that was outlined in this post.

I really loved my wedding dress. More about how I'm going to honour my dress in a later post when I figure out exactly how to do that.

The next page is all about the vows!

I put in the vows we said to each other because we wrote our own. At the bottom of the page is a paragraph explaining the last line of our vows which we recited together and very loudly. It has something to do with Ryan Reynolds actually. If you're curious, check them out in their entirety with explanation in this post.

Next is my favourite page in the whole scrapbook:

The Kiss.

No words.

Just a blown up photo. And the original photo as well for good measure.

Nuff said.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With The Fox Butts

Continuing on with our tour of my wedding scrapbook. We had a page for the handsome groomsmen. So it's only fair that we have a page dedicated to my lovely bridesmaids.

The text comes from this post (highlighting the beautiful red bridesmaid tops that I sewed for them).

And there wouldn't be a wedding without our awesome kids! :D

A sappy sweet explanation as to why our kids being at our wedding was in the stars was posted here and that's where I got the text for this page.

Aww isn't our little ring bearer the cutiest wootiest?

And what? You mean the wedding wouldn't even be a wedding without this guy?

Sexy ain't he? Too bad for you though! I already married him! :D

The Groom is the next page. Terry wore a Megadeth muscle shirt with a tie made out of fox butts - highlighted here. Super Awesome.

And now that you've got the image of fox butts in your head, I can't really top that with the next page, so we'll leave it there for today.

I hope you're enjoying my wedding scrapbook as much (well maybe not as much as... but close...?) as I do. If you aren't, just skip through the next couple of posts coming your way and I promise I'll be back to my crazy stories and wacky sewing creations next week. :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With the Slurpees

To continue our wedding adventure - scrapbook style - we take a look at the venue.

This page was taken pretty much word for word (as in, I printed the blog post out and pasted onto the paper) from this post. St. Malo was chosen for very special reasons. It was the most perfect place in the world for us to get married. On Sunday, for our anniversary, we went to the beach and reminisced about this perfect, perfect, PERFECT day. :D

Next, I couldn't forget to include our lovely DIY invites. We printed these invites out from a free printable from The Wedding Chicks.

They don't really look that smudgy of course. I just applied the smudgy tool liberally to our address, phone numbers and emails to post on this blog hehehe.

Now that we have our invites and actual people were coming to our wedding, we can get on with the events of the day :D

First stop: The pre-wedding Slurpee run to 7-Eleven. You may remember this awesome event from this post.

If you've seen those terrible new commercials for Travel Manitoba, then you may be thinking the same thing as I was while making this page: It's a Manitoba Thing. Hahaha.

And of course we wouldn't have had a very good wedding without a few good men:

Groomsmen that is! A recap on all things in wacky groomsmen attire was posted here last year.

Well... I think that is about all one can take of our crazy wedding for one day. Come back tomorrow for our continuing adventures.

Until then, I leave you with this question: Did you scrapbook your own wedding? Did you get a professional to put together a wedding album? Did you blog about it? Can I see it? Will you link the post in the comments so that I can stalk... er... check it out?

Hmmm OK that ended up being a little more than a question. Ooops.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Wedding Scrapbook Week: The One With The Door Humping

For our 1st wedding anniversary yesterday, I finally got around to making a scrapbook wedding album. The traditional gift is paper, so this became the perfect gift for both of us!

And because I have a huge, kinda daunting project looming that I want to get done this week, I am going to share this scrapbook experience with you.

It's my first foray into scrapbooking. Still don't quite understand the draw. But nevertheless, I think I did OK.

We'll be reliving my wacky and wonderful wedding from the "man" ties to the pre-wedding Slurpee run. The evening when I bribed my friends with booze to get them to help me make wedding drums. And all the other DIY wedding craftiness and fun details that made our wedding one of a kind :D

.... in scrapbook form!

Starting with:

The cover!

Then onto - The Beginning.

This page documents the beginning of our relationship (nearly 11 years ago!) when marriage was the last thing on our minds. The photos are of Terry and me at the Halloween social in 2000. I was dressed up as a businessman in really huge pants. Terry was dressed as a white rapper, complete with jam pants and crazy toque. Yup, we know how to party! The second photo was when I took the bus for 10 hours all the way up to Thompson to visit Terry during our first summer apart in 2001.

The text reads:

Terry and I met while living in residence at the University of Manitoba.
Everyone who knew us will tell you that we were destined for each other after one crazy night in 1st year. Our friend Josh had decided to take Terry out for drinks. Somehow the night had deteriorated into a tequila drinking contest.
Meanwhile, I was out for the night (possibly on a date...). Anyway, drunken Terry de4cided that it would be much more fun to have me come along on the evening's adventures. I didn't answer the door to my dorm room... obviously.
Terry then proceeds to "hump" my door with his bum until it gave way and broke. Gah!
Yup... destined to be with the door humper.
Actually our friends say that he must have been so into me that he broke down my door to get to me.
We didn't actually start dating until October 2000 (our 2nd year of university).
It was destiny.

Next comes - The Proposal

You can read the text in the "We're Engaged" post. And of course there are pics of my pretty pretty wedding ring (which doubled as an engagement ring - explanation in the "We're Engaged" post).

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next few pages in our journey to wedded bliss!


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Sunday, 24 July 2011

One Year Later

One year ago today we said our wedding vows in front of our family and friends.

And boy did we make use of the "in sickness and health" part of them this year!

We dragged the children all the way to Edmonton for mommy to get a new heart valve. Terry took nearly two months off to help out while I healed.

Let's not do that part of the vows thing again for awhile thanks.

Other than that, this year has been smooth sailing.

I love you Terry. You are still my best friend.

Here is to many more years of health... no more sickness!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #15

I sweat... a lot .... like more than the average woolly mammoth...

It doesn't matter what size I am or where I am (humid or no) I still sweat all the time.

And it's terribly gross and uncomfortable.

It's OK though cuz when I sweat I look like this...

Hah! Who am I kidding?!!!

I really look like this...

Red blotches, boob sweat marks, bum sweat marks, red all over, glasses slipping down my slick nose, greasy hair. It doesn't even matter that I have short hair now. I still sweat just as much, only now it drips off the curls and down my back. Gross.

But enough of that. Nobody needs to go into details about that!

If I haven't turned you completely off, I have another confession to make...

I'm now on Google + !!

Add me to your circles and stuff. I don't mind if you put me in the "over share" circle or perhaps the "gross girl" circle. Here is a link to my profile. Or if that doesn't work you can just look up Tawny B <-- I'm the one from Winnipeg. :)


As always I'm sharing this revelation with a good group of non judgemental chicks at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something


Friday, 22 July 2011

Food Friday: Beef and Broccoli

One of my favourite things to order from the Chinese Food place is Broccoli and Beef. Nummers. I used to love it at my grandparents' restaurant (The House of Wong in Lethbridge, Alberta).

I've been trying to recreate it in my own kitchen for years. Finally my dad let me in on the secret I was missing - turkey stock. Of course!

So now, I'm ready to share my recipe with you:


- Stir Fry beef strips, or steak cut up into stir fry sized strips
- 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
- 4 teaspoons of corn starch
- 4 tablespoons of cooking oil
- 1 teaspoon of salt (or more to taste)
- 1 package of frozen broccoli (or vegetables of your choice) or fresh if you have it
- 1/2 ground ginger
- 3/4 cup of turkey or chicken stock

- Cut beef into strips if it isn't done for you already.
- Combine soy sauce, cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and salt in a bowl. Add beef, mix it until beef is coated well.
- Slice broccoli into thin strips if fresh. Heat ginger in 3 tablespoon of cooking oil in a skillet. Add broccoli and stir fry for 3 to 5 minutes to get that nice ginger taste into the veggies. Remove from pan.
- Add more oil if necessary and stir fry the beef for about 5 minutes or until well browned.
- return broccoli to pan. Add turkey stock (I have all my turkey stock frozen in ice cubes so it's super simple to add - yay!). Cook and stir until thickened and bubbly. I like a lot more sauce than usual - so if you add extra stock and it doesn't thicken, that's nummy too. Makes a great sauce for rice!

Serve over steamed rice.

*** you can add all the things that you might like in your broccoli and beef likes baby corn, mushrooms or water chestnuts. For example, I used a bag of frozen Chinese style veggies for the broccoli and beef in the photos. Go crazy. And enjoy!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Summer of No Pants: Heat Wave Edition

Did I mention that it's hot outside? Like super scorching melt into a pool of mushy goo and then bbq to a fine crisp kinda hot?

So this past week I've been living in these lovely ensembles:

Still... no pants! They count! Am I right?

And I will continue to wear these outfits until this heat wave ends. By all weather predictions, this heat wave might end in 2012 with the end of the world or maybe next Tuesday when it will abruptly blizzard and winter will begin. :P Who the hell knows...

**** Note: you can thank me in the comments section for not subjecting you to pictures of me in the above swimsuits ;) *****

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Summertime Plans: Beat The Heat

If you haven't been to Winnipeg in the past week, you might not believe me - but we've been having a serious heat wave.

Temperatures have been above 30 degrees C for the past couple of weeks. With the humidity - the temperature is closer to 40. Today it was 33 but felt like 44.

So this next week is all about beating the heat. Forget lesson plans and furthering my children's educations. We just want to stay cool.

There will be tons of wading pool and sprinkler action.

Today for example, we spent the morning outside in the front yard with the dual purpose of keeping ourselves cool and watering my poor dried out and burnt garden.

We set up the sprinkler in the front yard to help along our burnt and half dead lawn. Did I mention that it hasn't rained for weeks either?

Logan and Lane has a terrific time scooping up our burnt and half dead leaves from the poor dried out tree. Soaking those leaves in the sprinkler and then putting them in between the branches to make a nest. Fun!

I chillaxed in the shade and took it easy. What an awesome morning. We ended up having a picnic lunch (with fresh cherries) and playing until afternoon nap time. We even had a freezie to cool off.

I call for more days with water, play, popsicles and fun and less days of me pushing that double stroller (and getting a huge bruise on my wrist because of it) to the park where there are a bunch of sweaty kids and tired summer program workers.

Less sweaty and cranky and more water sports and happy kids. That's what this week is going to be about.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Clowns Week Wrap Up

This week was all about clowns!

I made a clown bean bag from a pattern in the clowns book I showed you in the Summertime Planning post.

And we made clown cupcakes. Yeah, the licorice didn't really bend well, so they look kinda funny. But they're clowns! They are supposed to be funny!

Logan decorated these all by himself. Not bad eh?

I also told Logan that we could make monster cupcakes in this batch as well. He was so excited about making monsters, that I wasn't even sure the clowns were going to get done. But once I told him that we were going to put cherries as noses and popcorn as funny hair, he was sold.

Here are our Monster Creatures from the Blue Lagoon cupcakes. Some had one eye, some had three. Some had two chocolate chip noses, some had three or four. Awesome. Logan decorated these so creatively and carefully. I'm really proud of him.

Our colours training for Lane is going equally as well this week. She came up to me yesterday with some socks and said, "blue socks." And they were actually blue! Yay! Good girl.

We didn't get to the clown stilts yet. I found the perfect cans for the stilts - the party peanuts. But we only have one can and it's still about a quarter full. Once we eat them all and get another can, I'll work on putting together some stilts for Logan. I think these party peanut cans are perfect because they are low and wide. For a first-time stilter, Logan needs something easy to practice with :)

What kinds of things did you do with your kids this week? If you're in Winnipeg, did this heat wave muck up some of your plans? I think we are all turning into fish with the amount of times we've been to the wading pools and playing in the sprinkler.

Stay cool!


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Monday, 18 July 2011

Macrame Monday: Chevron Friendship Bracelets

I'm kinda bummed that I didn't post this a couple of weeks ago when I first started making the chevron patterned friendship bracelets. I actually began learning this pattern before I made the traditional striped friendship bracelets, but decided to post the stripes first because they were easier. Chevron was the next step.

Wrong decision.

Because now, everywhere I look in blogland the chevron patterned bracelets are popping up.


Now I don't look original and cool for bringing back a lost art of the 80s.

Oh well.

They do look cute don't they?

So instead of posting a tutorial, I'm just going to point you toward the website that helped me learn. The website called Honestly... WTF? did a fabulous tutorial that really helped me understand the vertical clove hitch. Remember last week when I admitted that I had problems with the vertical clove hitch knot? Well, this blog post helped so much - and also taught me how to make the lovely chevron patterned friendship bracelets you see here.

Here is my first attempt. I'm currently wearing this one. I've been wearing it for a few months now and it's still holding up, showers everyday and all. As you can see, the knots are a little wonky. But it's an easy pattern to learn and I got the hang of it after a few bands of Vs.

I added long glass beads to my bracelets to make them a little more unique. The beads are called bugle beads (thanks for offering that info Ruth!) So now you know what to shop for if you want to add the same sort of beads.

I braided the tails of the bracelets to make it easier to tie on the wrist.


Here are a few of the places I've been seeing this pattern put to use this past week:

The Purl Bee - Molly's Sketchbook

And if you happen to be in Winnipeg and are heading out to the Fringe Festival this week, be sure to stop by Lune Vintage's Eggie. Jill has a huge collection of beautiful friendship bracelets on sale there, along with her vintage creations. And check out the beautiful photo she has of all those bracelets on her blog! Love!

Or you could always check out the ones I have available at the Tawny Bee shop:

Beaded Chevron Micro-Macrame Friendship Bracelets - Red and Green:
On Etsy
On Zibbet


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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #14

My dad is always telling me that he doesn't want to hear about my boobs.

Hmmm... that must mean that I talk about my boobs a lot.

So dad, don't read this one.

This one is about my boobs.

It's been over three months since my surgery and I still can't feel a whole section of my boob.

And in true sports coach style, I'm going to show you exactly where.

I know I should be grateful that I have a new valve and my heart is doing so well. But this whole numb boob thing has really got me down. That's a whole section of sexy time zone gone! Poof!

I keep hoping that the feeling will return. But after 3 months, I'm starting to have my doubts.

Haven't my poor boobs been insulted enough? I have pacemaker wires underneath them that destroyed any chance I had at breastfeeding. Now I can't feel an entire section. Lame.

And so I'm gonna rant on this blog, because I'm frustrated and pissed off. Thank you heart for working so well, but could you please pump some blood to my melons and repair some of that nerve damage. It's the least you can do for me after I went through getting my chest ripped open for you.



Another confession fuelled by my need to overshare. :P

And of course I'm sharing with some other women who value the overshare at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something


Friday, 15 July 2011

Food Friday: Fast Beef Stroganoff

Terry and I have been working hard to make good, nutritious food for our family. That means no more Hamburger Helper when we can make the same thing from scratch with less salt and processing.

Beef Stroganoff is one of our favourites.

- Ground beef
- 1/2 cup chopped onion
- 1 cup chopped mushrooms
- 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
- 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
- 1/2 cup sour cream
- 1/2 cup mayonnaise
- 1/2 cup beef broth
- 1 package of egg noodles (or pasta of your choice)


1. Break up ground beef into a large skillet. Add onion, mushrooms, garlic powder, mustard powder. Cook and stir over medium heat until the meat is browned and the onion is tender. Drain excess grease.

2. In a small bowl combine the sour cream, mayonnaise and beef broth. Stir into the beef mixture and cook over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

3. While your mixture is cooking, boil pasta until done. You can either serve the beef mixture over the pasta, or combine the both for easy serving like I do :D

Yum! Quick and easy. This recipe can be completed in about a half hour.

And it's something that Logan will actually eat! Lane still has an aversion to meat, but she'll gladly eat the noodles.



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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer of No Pants: Weeks 3-5

These past few weeks of summer have been a bit of a blur.

I'm still doing well with my Summer of No Pants.

Week 3 was spent up in Thompson visiting with grandma and grandpa. I wore a few new dresses, but unfortunately, they don't have a full length mirror that I could easily access for daily photos.

But I made it through the entire vacation in a dress! :D Of course, I had to put pants underneath said dresses occasionally when the situation called for hiking.

July 2nd

Week Four was a draining week for us. We had spent 10 hours in the car with two antsy kids on Sunday and then Terry woke up at 5:30 the next morning to go to work. We made it through the entire week just barely. It was hot... like... bathe in a bucket of ice hot.

I took the kids to the wading pool twice. They played in the sprinkler another day while I cleaned out the shed - in a dress! (I had shorts underneath).

I have to confess though. On Thursday last week I cheated. It was 30 degrees C out and I was going to take the kids to the park. There was no way I was going to wear a skirt with shorts underneath. Heck, I didn't even want to wear the shorts. If I had my way, I would have worn my skivvies out to the park hehehe

I mostly wore comfort clothes and repeats this week, so no new photos.

Week 5 started off really awesome though. I made two new dresses!

Terry really likes this dress which I wore to the zoo last Saturday July 9th.

And I made another dress out of the same fabric (only a different colour) and wore it on Tuesday July 12th. I got both of these remnants plus another metre of Canadian themed cotton for Buy 1 get 2 free - cost me about $7.50 altogether. Gotta love 2 dresses for under $10. :D

Things I've learned during these past few weeks:
- it's hot outside and wearing a skirt is tough when you gotta move around with your kids. I feel more cheating days coming on.
- wearing sundresses with a bathing suit underneath is perfect for an afternoon at the wading pool.