Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Terry is taking a few days off before Canada Day. So I'm taking a little blogging break for the next few days in order to spend some time with my family.

But not to fear - I still got ya covered. I was very industrious this past week and scheduled some fun blog posts to run while I'm on family time.

There will be Summer of No Pants outfits to peruse; a list of my favourite Canadian blogs in honour of Canada Day and various other redonkulous stuff as usual.

See ya on Monday!

Oh and since no blog post would be complete with a crafty photo (or at least that's what I hear), here ya go!

My pretty new bracelet display. I'll be bringing this baby to upcoming craft shows. It is eye catching without taking too much room on the table.

And it's just a toilet paper roll holder from the dollar store. Hah!

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