Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Summertime Plans: I Wish That I Had Duck Feet

Tomorrow is Logan's last day of pre-school. We have a long summer before us and I'm working towards getting prepared.

When I had Logan home with me all the time, I would always plan things according to his new interests. When he was interested in leafs, we would go walking to check them out. When he was interested in the magnets on the fridge, we learned the alphabet. I've been neglecting that a little bit with Lane, and I hope this summer to get back into planning fun activities around the things that are interesting to the kids.

So, I thought that I would share some of the activities I have planned each week during the summer.

This week, Logan is really into this book:

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet by Dr. Suess. He took it out of the library last Friday and it's his fave.

Lane has been super interested in colours. So far everything is yellow, but she seems to like hearing what colour everything is. She brings me her sippy cup and says, "Yellow cup?'

I then say, "That is a purple sippy cup."

Lane gets excited and tells the world, "PURPLE sippy cup."

Projects planned for the first week of summer include:
- splashing in puddles with Logan's duck feet flippers
- going to St. Vital Park to observe the ducks
- drawing chalk rainbows on the driveway and teaching Lane what the colours are (and maybe teaching Logan how to spell the colours since he's getting really good at printing)
- making elephant noses, deer horns, and long tails to try out like the little boy in the Duck Feet book
- decorating a big box to place all our new (and old) costumes in with bright colours of Lane's choosing
- playing whale spout with the hose (weather permitting)
- all of these things while hopefully reminding both kids that they are special and that's it's awesome to be themselves (like the little boy in the book learns)

Do you plan out activities for your kids? What kinds of things do you have planned for this summer?

Of course, I'm going to be taking the kids to the park and doing whatever we happen to feel like each day, but I find it never hurts to have a bit of a plan. Especially for Logan. One of his favourite parts of school is when the teacher explains what is happening the next day. He likes to know what is coming up. And if it is something that interests him, he looks forward to it so much. He's already pumped about playing with an elephant nose and a long tail.

Now I gotta figure out how to make those things?

I'll let you know how all of our projects go next Wednesday and introduce another set of fun stuff. :D

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Jennie said...

What a brilliant idea to theme your holiday activities around a favourite book! I loved that book as a kid. I was surprised to see Dr Suess's name on the front because I was certain it wasn't a Suess, but then the explanation that it was originally under his Le Sieg name sorted that out for me. I'm sure you're a big enough Suess fan to know Le Sieg is a reversal of his real surname, Geisel. One of my fave Suess facts!