Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer of No Pants: Week 1

I did it! I wore a skirt or a dress every single day this past week!

Here's the rundown in case you don't believe me.

Day One:

This was Logan's last day of school. I wore:
- camel coloured skirt, handmade
- macrame shoes, bought on Etsy
- Goomba tank top, Old Navy tank with hand done Goomba embellishment

And look I bought a full length mirror. I have a love hate relationship with this poor mirror already. I love that I don't have to rely on Terry to take my photos every day. I look like hell by the end of the day when he gets home. But I'm still way out of my comfort zone by having photos taken of myself every single day.

Day Two:

I spent most of the day outside with the kids on this Friday. I wore:
- Blue skirt, handmade
- Black Tank, it's so old that I honestly have no idea where I got it
- I wore shorts underneath this one, yoga shorts from La Senza

Day Three:

Look me on this Saturday! I look almost thin :D I wore:
- green Digg It skirt, handmade out of t-shirt (tutorial coming soon)
- Green Heart Tank, bought at the Heart concert 2007

Day Four:

We went to the Red River Ex on this Father's Day. I wore:
- purple pansies skirt, handmade
- purple tank, from Ricky's 2007

Day Five:

Back to the grind Monday. I cheated the most on this day by wearing a "dress" which I would never wear without shorts underneath. I usually wear this one like a top, but it counts! I wore:
- red sweater dress, Mariposa (about 15 years ago!)
- Black shorts underneath, Sport Check (also about 15 years ago!)

Day Six:

I decided to get back into the groove of not cheating and not wearing shorts underneath my skirt on this Tuesday. I wore:
- black Chimaira Tank, bought at Sounds of the Underground in Saskatoon circa 2005
- Brown corduroy skirt, Thyme Maternity

And Day Seven:

It was raining yesterday when I wore this. Hence the awful socks. I had to wear running shoes to keep up with the kids at the Dollar Store. I wore:
- red maternity top, given to me by my aunt
- black maternity skirt, Thyme Maternity

So, what have I learned this first week of the Summer of No Pants?

1) I haven't worn skirts in so long that I actually had some serious chafing the first day. I mean serious... I almost quit... owey! Shorts underneath my skirt while walking in the hot sun and playing with the kids is a must! Terry calls them my training shorts. I guess he's correct. I do need to train my body to wear a skirt again.

2) I wear way too many maternity items! Gah! I'll let you in on a little secret even though it isn't Saturday - I am actually larger in weight now than I was when I was at the height of both pregnancies. Bleh... I know... Some of my maternity clothes have been retired out of my closet because they are too small. Sad... need to fix this. I hope by the end of summer I'll have most of my maternity clothes gone out of my wardrobe. Except for that brown corduroy skirt (pictured above). I love that skirt so much!

Wish me luck for week two!


Kristie said...

I hear you about the weight thing! Just joined Weight Watcher's summer pass yesterday....we have a few weeks holidays in there but I figure every little bit helps!

Jennie said...

I've often had chafing problems - my thighs are generous no matter what size the rest of me is!

foodmathquilts said...

I've had the chafing problem too ... the worst was when I wore a skirt with bare legs for a full day walking outside (and no chance to change)

I can't remember where I heard this, but if you apply some antipersperant to your thighs, the chafing stops! Sounds crazy, but it works really well (lasts most of the day too)