Saturday, 18 June 2011

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #12

I want to be the number one woman in Logan's life forever! (or at least until he's an adult and I have to share him .... a little bit)

Logan had a wonderful time at pre-school this past year. He learned to be more independent, write his name, play with others, be polite and courteous and all that jazz. He learned all this stuff from Teacher Sylvia.

I admit - I'm terribly jealous of the hold Teacher Sylvia has over my little guy. He listens to her better than he listens to me. He says things like, "Mommy, I shared my snack with Lane because Teacher Sylvia said it is nice to share." Wha? I've been telling him that all along.

He cried on the night of his graduation when he had to say goodbye to her. Awww.... it broke my heart.

But secretly, I was thinking, "I get my little boy back and all to myself all summer! Hip Hip Hooray!"

And we can have picnics.

And play in the sprinkler out in the backyard.

And take funny pictures like this one. OK - so maybe I just wanted to show you this picture and I'm stretching my confession a bit so that you will look at this one. Haha - a Logan head with a long tube body and a Laney bum. Hehehehe.

But seriously - I get my boy back all to myself all summer! I'm just gonna smother him in kisses and hugs and snuggles. And I'm not going to share! Take that Teacher Sylvia!

Note: OK I feel a little guilty about that last sentence. Poor Teacher Sylvia was genuinely broken up about having to say goodbye to all of her children. I'm making a mental note here to make sure that Logan says hello to her whenever he walks past the Pre-school classroom on his way to Kindergarten.

Note 2: Awww crap... that means I'm gonna have to share him with another teacher in the fall. Boourns for Kindergarten. Wrecking all my fun mommy time.


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Kimberly said...

This is a fear of mine. Seriously. The day when he won't need me as much or think I'm a total rockstar...sigh.