Saturday, 4 June 2011

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #10

I am NOT a hockey fan.

Ack! Am I going to get my Canadian Citizenship revoked now?

This week has made it abundantly clear in my head that I couldn't care less about hockey.

This week there was an announcement that our wonderful city of Winnipeg was getting an NHL team back. Apparently, the Winnipeg Jets have been gone for quite some time. They've been gone since I've been here at least. And now they are coming back. Joy.

All I could think through all this hoopla on Tuesday was:
I sure hope these mullet wearing, beer guzzling, rabid, loud, annoying hockey fans don't block up traffic too much downtown so that Terry can't get home from work on time. (I was sick and really needed a break from taking care of the kids).


And the Canucks made it into the Final. The games are still going on... I think...


Who cares?

There is one thing I feel a little guilty about though. I asked Logan the other day if he liked hockey. He said, "No, because you don't play it mommy."

Hmmm... I don't want to be the sole reason my boy doesn't like something. So I assured him that I could play hockey if I wanted to. Uh oh... I hope when it's time to pony up on that promise that he doesn't notice that I'm terrible on ice skates. Yup, I'm also a Canadian who can barely ice skate. ACK!

I used to be so good at ice skating when I was younger. But apparently it's not like riding a bike. Once you stop ice skating, you gotta learn all over again, only this time with the fear in your head of what happens when your fat ass hits the ice when you fall. Gah!

Just to assure you that I'm not a sports hater in general, I'll show you pictures of me at a Bombers Football game. Tickets are expensive, but we managed to celebrate Canada Day at a game in 2006.

Awww... look at that belly sticking out. I can't believe I was still that thin. I was a few months pregnant with Logan in this photo.

See? I'm patriotic. We just need to CALM about the hockey already.


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corina said...

I to am not a fan of hockey nor can I ice skate anymore. I tried about 10 years ago and cried. You are not alone sista!
hope you are feeling offer of chili stands :D

Unknown said...

I this the same thing as being American but not liking baseball?

Kimberly said...

I won't lie...I lurve me some hockey...but can't stand football. Nope no way.