Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pay It Forward on Zibbet

A couple of months ago I was perusing the Zibbet forums when I came across this thread. Here's what the introduction says:


I have a Pay it Forward listing in my shop... find it and you can have the item(s) listed for 1 cent. Free shipping.

The catch is if you choose to buy it you are obligated to put a PIF listing in your shop and tell us about it here.

Ready set go hunting!



You won't believe how many cute things I got by playing this Pay It Forward game (yes, I call it a game because it's so much fun!)

So let's go through all my newly acquired treasures shall we?

This pretty zipper pull from LOC Design Studio
Logan loves it on his school backpack.

This beautiful Thank You card from Stephinka
I sent it in the package with the Kobo Kozy I made for my friend Ruth

This cupcake charm from Clay Art by Daresa
I proudly display this one on the refashioned purse I made

This lanyard from Strawberry Fields
After realizing I love lanyards, I needed one for my sunglasses too!

These pretty silver beads from Ariamy
I'm gonna make more macrame bracelets with these

These dangly earrings from Sky Jewelry
As you can see I am wearing these lovelies and they look fabulous


Of course, as part of the game, I was obligated to offer up my own Pay It Forward listings in the Tawny Bee Zibbet Shop. Some of them have sold already, but here is a rundown of the ones still available:

L'il Treasure Pouches - Snowflakes
Not Your Ordinary Friendship Bracelets - Pink Damask
Bearly a Rookie Upcycled Baby Bib
Snow Much Fun Potholders

Check them out and run a search on "PIF" on Zibbet to see all the other cool shops participating in the Pay It Forward game. You don't even have to have a Zibbet shop to purchase. All we ask is if you take advantage of one of these wonderful PIF items for $1 or less that you do something kind for another person to pay it forward today :)


Abracadebra Designs said...

Hi there, I have also played the pif game on Zibbet and yes it was fun. I got a nice jewelry set from
Clay Art by Daresa. By the way, all of the pif items you have up for grabs in your shop are very nice. - Debbie

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

oh thanks so much for identifying the source of the lovely card you included in my package, K2 insisted it was too nice to be handmade - silly girl! Mom wins again....