Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Nightman Cometh

Terry's brother's birthday was yesterday. His favourite TV show is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's actually one of our favourite TV shows as well.

We wanted to get him something relating to the show. We checked out the t-shirts and hoodies but could never find one in his size that was reasonably priced.

So I did a search on Etsy and found this poster from Team Wesler.

As watchers of this show know, a character named Charlie wrote a play called "The Nightman Cometh" and hilarity ensued. It was one of the funniest episodes on that show in fact. Perfect birthday present.

Of course the poster didn't come framed. Could you imagine how much that would cost to ship?

So off we went to the Thrift Store and found a frame for $4.00.

Terry convinced me not to paint the frame. I was going to paint it all pretty and really do it up. But Terry pointed out that the faded gold would make the poster look more authentic. Cuz who would actually put on a Charlie Kelly play? A lame dusty old theatre that's who! And they would have kinda faded gold frames to display the playbill as well.

Yeah... Terry is pretty smart when it comes to art. Who knew?

I found the most awesome scrapbook paper with little flecks in it that matched the flecks in the gold frame and put it all together.

The striped background of the scrapbook paper looks awesome in the frame with the poster.

Wouldn't you love to hang this up in your house? I totally want to keep it. But I'm sure the birthday boy will love it as well.

Another look at this creation just because I like it.

Happy Birthday Uncle Cory!

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