Sunday, 5 June 2011

Next In Line

On Friday, during that trip to the Dollar Store, we picked up this hot pink poster board.

I bet you can guess what it's for?

Uh huh... we're once again in potty training mode. And this time it's not gonna take us 2 years. Hopefully.

Logan wrote the "E" in the middle of the board. I don't know why. Maybe "E" for effort?

Lane drew the pictures (which of course spilled onto the wall - with a permanent marker!) I guess while I'm cleaning up more potty accidents, I'll be using magic eraser on the wall as well.

And Logan's potty training board is now being displayed proudly in his room because he's a fully potty trained little boy now!

Lane's already getting the hang of sitting on the potty and "trying." In fact, she's actually been putting stickers on various pieces of furniture, Logan's sticker board and herself as reward for sitting.

Another potty training kid...

Hold me...