Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Two Cents About the Canada Post Strike

Back to work legislation has been passed to get Canada Post moving again.

I feel like I need to say something about this since I am primarily an online business owner who depends on Canada Post to deliver my product to customers:

1) Shame on you Canada Post for escalating a peaceful strike with a lockout. Your refusal to negotiate and your disregard for your workers is appalling.

2) Shame on you Canadian Government for passing back to work legislation in this dispute. You may say, "well the Liberals did it in 1997." Poor excuse considering that in 1997 there was no lockout in place. And then you pour salt into the wound by legislating workers back onto the job with an even lower wage than Canada Post was originally willing to offer. In a dispute where you needed to remain neutral, you rewarded management for being inept and stubborn and even did their dirty work for them. Shame.

3) Kudos to the NDP for trying to stall this miserable legislation for as long as possible. You gave it your best shot and allowed postal workers to have a little more time at the negotiation table. Unfortunately, Canada Post already knew that the Government was going to pass a bill benefiting them and stalled just the same until that happened.

4) I am proud to be Canadian. And part of my pride comes from living in a country that has wonderful unions fighting for workers' rights. The peaceful rotating strike did not inconvenience me as a small business owner and allowed for open negotiations with Canada Post with little disruption of service. I do not put any blame on Postal Workers. Fighting for a decent, liveable wage and job security through a recognized union is an inalienable right in Canada. One that I support whole-heartedly.

Until we develop some sort of transporter technology I will have to continue to rely on Canada Post to deliver my product to my customers. I am saddened that I have to rely on management that treats their workers with such disrespect. The government said that they were passing this legislation for me - to keep my business out of jeopardy. Let me say now that this legislation was not for me. I was perfectly willing to support union negotiations, delaying my shipping until a mutually agreed upon contract was reached.

So offer your local postie a cookie and maybe some refreshing lemonade when they're out hauling your Father's Day cards and Etsy goodies in the coming days. They are going to need our support and understanding.

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