Monday, 6 June 2011

Macrame Monday: Micro-Macrame Wavy Beaded Bracelets (How To)

So I went to the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team meet and greet yesterday afternoon... and....

What? You're NOT here to find out about my adventures in the sun today?


It's Macrame Monday!

Seriously though, if you want to find out how the meet and greet went, head on over to the WEST blog later today and check out some pictures :D

Now on with the show!

Aren't these pretty?

I made them using only one of our learned Macrame knots! Over and over and over and over again... but still .... only one - the marvelous horizontal clove hitch knot.

Wanna make your own?

Supplies Needed:
- embroidery thread (3 colours)
- tiny glass beads
- dowel to anchor your project while tying
- patience (a lot of it)

Skill Needed:
- beginner
- patience (a lot of it)
- horizontal clove hitch knot (remember that one? Click here if you need a refresher.)

Time Needed:
- it takes me about 3 hours to tie one of these. The first one took near 5 hours.
- Yeah... that would be why the patience is needed

Step One:
You need to measure your embroidery thread. I used the method of 4 times my end measurement for cording. So I wanted my bracelet to be 9 inches after it was finished (so that I would have some ends to tie onto my wrist), so I needed 36 inches. Multiply that by 2 because we're tying them onto a dowel. That seemed waaaay too long to keep track of, so I ended up using 60 inches because that was the length of my measuring tape (and it ended up too long as well) but still a nice length to have room to cut the ends when the beads wouldn't thread properly etc.

So cut 3 x 60 inch threads of one colour (mine were light green). Cut 2 x 60 inches of another colour (mine were medium green). Cut one a bit longer - maybe 70 inches for your anchor cord out of another colour. You won't see this colour in your finished bracelet. It's easiest to cut it out of a corresponding, yet different colour in order to keep track of which cord is your anchor (I used dark green).

Fold all cords in half and anchor them to your dowel using a regular overhand knot.

Step Two:
- Get your threads in order. We want the two anchor threads on the far left. Followed by two of your main colour, then two of your coordinating colour. Alternate like that. We are going to use the 2 threads as if they were one for the knotting portion. So place your 2 anchor threads across to the right all your other threads. Begin knotting a horizontal clove hitch knot along that anchor moving toward the right. Remember to use two matching threads as one for the knots. Actually it doesn't really matter if you knot them all individually, but it saves time if you group them.

When you get to the far right, place your anchor across the threads again only this time pointing towards the left. Continue your horizontal clove hitch knotting back to the left side of your project.

In the picture below you may spot some beading. This was before I realized it was nicer to start the project with a full clove hitch row back and forth before starting the beading. It evens out the project and makes a good start before the tedious task of beading.

Step Three:
Thread a glass bead onto each of your ten threads (not including the anchor threads). Push them all the way up against your knotting. This takes a lot of time and patience. Threading tiny beads onto embroidery thread will take up the most time during this project. Once your beads are threaded (one on each thread), continue knotting toward the right on your anchor thread. When you get to the far right, stop and thread a glass bead onto each of your ten threads again. Then continue knotting toward the left. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until you reach the desired length of your bracelet.

For a small bracelet (child sized), I found it takes about 20 rows of beading. For an adult size it takes about 24 or 25 rows of beads. By the end you'll have threaded 250 beads onto that bracelet! EEK!

Step 4:
When you have reached your end point, you can remove the project from the dowel by gently sliding it off. You can finish the other end by simple knotting all of your threads together and trimming them. Make sure to leave enough thread to tie the bracelet onto your wrist (about 2 inches).

Step 5:
Tie it onto your wrist, or your best friend's wrist or whatever. And then go make more!

Another look at the beading and the design of the finished bracelets.

A look at the ends of the bracelets.

A look at the dowel ends of the bracelets. They make the perfect loop for tying.


If you have enough patience and dare try to make your own, I would love to see the results. Please link to a blog post below in the comments, or share in the Tawny Bee Flickr group, or email me a photo (email link in profile).

Have fun creating!

And if you don't have the time and patience to knot one (or 6) of these yourself, but still really really want one (or 6), please visit the links below and I will be happy to knot and thread and knot and thread one (or 6) for you:

Tawny Bee Micro-Macrame Friendship Bracelets on Etsy
Tawny Bee Micro-Macrame Friendship Bracelets on Zibbet


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Sorry not enough patience. :) lol but they are pretty!!

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AsylumTanya said...

I like the sparkle that the beads give to the bracelets! Thanks for sharing!

How to Macrame said...

oooh, I luv the colors you chose for the purple macrame bracelet, very nice! Something really rich about those colors.

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Those are beautiful! Love the colors~
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

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