Monday, 27 June 2011

Macrame Monday: Hemp Bracelet with Wooden Beads (How To)

Here is my latest Macrame project. Pretty, natural, kinda hippy-ish hemp bracelet with wooden beads.

Want to make your own?

Supplies Needed:
- Hemp Twine
- Wooden Beads
- dowel for anchoring the project (optional - you can also tape your project to a table or other head surface)

Time Needed:
These ones only take me about a half an hour each to tie! Yay!

Skill Needed:
Basic Macrame Knotting (horizontal and diagonal clove hitch)

Step One:
You need ten hemp cords to work with for this project. I used my arm length and them doubled it for the length of the cords. Cut 5 this way.

Step Two:
Fold all the cords in half and place them around your project dowel. Gather all the cords together and tie them in an overhand knot.

Step Three:
Choose your leftmost cord for an anchor. Tie a row of horizontal clove hitch knots. When you reach the right most side, start tying another row toward the left.

Step Four:
Thread 3 wooden beads onto your project by putting 3 threads through one bead, then the four middle threads through another bead and then the remaining 3 threads through the last bead.

Step Five:
Tie another row of horizontal clove hitch toward the left.

Step Six:
Choose your outermost cords on each side of your project to act as anchor. Tie a diagonal clove hitch knot to form an "X".

Step Seven:
Tie another horizontal clove hitch row (this time starting at the right to keep it even)

Step Eight:
Repeat your beading and your clove hitch rows and X'es two more times.

Step Nine:
End your project the same way you began by tying two horizontal clove hitch rows and tying an overhand knot. Trim the thread to about 3 inches so that you have enough to tie the bracelet to your wrist.

*** Hint: working with hemp can be pretty scratchy on your fingers. You can wear your bracelet awhile and your natural body oils will soften it up. Or if you don't want to wait, you can soak your hemp in some hot water, then apply some hair conditioner and then rinse in cold water. This should soften it up a bit. ****

And if you don't want to tie these beautiful bracelets yourself, you can purchase the whole set at Tawny Bee:
Hemp Beaded Micro-Macrame Friendship Bracelets - Set of 3 on Etsy
Hemp Beaded Micro-Macrame Friendship Bracelets - Set of 3 on Zibbet


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