Monday, 13 June 2011

Macrame Monday: Father's Day Beer Cozy

I wanted to create a project to share with you for Father's Day. Easier said than done though! Holy smokes did I have a tough time coming up with something unique and interesting enough to share.

Good thing there isn't that much macrame craft out there, or I'd be sunk. There are so many other terrific Father's Day projects out there that I would have just duplicated - badly.

So, here is my entry into the pantheon of wacky Father's Day DIY.

Ta Da! I macrame beer cozy! But not just any macrame beer cozy - this one is made out of salvaged VHS tape!

No way!

Yeah way!

So what do you need to make one?

A beer bottle (for shaping)
Salvaged VHS tape
Beads (with wide holes) for decoration
A flat washer to start the project on

Time Needed:
It took me about 2 hours to make.

Skill Needed:
Beginner Macrame
Horizontal Clove Hitch

Step One:
These photos are atrocious I know. It's almost impossible to photograph shiny VHS tape with any kind of finesse.
Anyway, you basically want to cut several long pieces of VHS tape. I made them the length of my body, just so I had enough. I cut 14 of them. Then I carefully folded them in half and placed the fold on either side of the washer. You could also tie a larkshead knot with them onto the washer to hold in place.

Step Two:
I chose one of the long strands of tape as my anchor cord and began tying a regular horizontal clove hitch around the washer.

Step Three:
Leave some space between your first knots and the next set of knots. Choose another tape for an anchor and repeat a horizontal clove hitch row. This will serve as the pretty base of the cozy.

Step Four:
Place your model beer bottle onto the base you just created. Begin tying a loose horizontal clove hitch knot around the base. For each row I chose a different anchor tape just so that I wouldn't run out of one tape before reaching the end of the project. Leave some space between your rows and keep tying upwards. You can add beads along the rows for decoration. Keep tying and adding beads until you reach your desired top. All I did to tie off the project was to take two tapes and tie them in two knots. Cut the excess tape.


The cozy even retains its shape when you remove it from a bottle. I think this one would look terrific on a green bottle. Once I get one, it will make a fine decoration.

This cozy of course is more decorative than functional. But I still think it's a cool Father's Day gift!


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