Monday, 20 June 2011

Macrame Monday: Beaded O Canada Bracelet (How To)

This is my latest creation. I call it my "O' Canada" bracelet. Because it's red and white. :)

Here's how I made it.

Supplies Needed:
- dowel to anchor project onto
- red embroidery floss
- small clear glass beads
- long and thin clear glass beads

Time Needed:
- This one took me a whopping 7 hours to bead!

Skill Needed:
- patience
- beginner macrame

Step One:
Begin your project the same way as the beaded wavy bracelet. Of course, you only use red floss if you're going for the O' Canada look ;). Tie it onto the dowel in the same manner and use the same lengths. You'll end up with 10 threads to work with.

Step Two:
Using the leftmost thread as anchor, tie a horizontal clove hitch row across the top using each individual thread. Tie another row going in the opposite direction as well.

Step Three:
Thread a long clear bead onto each thread. This took me near an hour and a half each time I got to this step! Gah! Those tiny, long beads are frustrating!

Step Four:
Tie one row or two of horizontal clove hitch.

Step Five:
Leave the outermost threads on each side empty. Staring with the second one in on both sides put 1 glass bead on those two. Then go to the next threads in line, the third ones in on both sides. Thread them with 2 beads. Then the fourth ones in, thread them with 3 beads, and the last ones in the middle thread with 4 beads.

Step 6:
Create half of the "X" pattern with your horizontal clove hitch, using the threads that you left empty as anchors.

Step 7:
Once you get to the centre of your "X", start beading again. Don't put a bead on your two anchor threads. Starting with the two centre threads (excluding your anchors), thread them with 1 bead. The next two innermost threads, thread with 3 beads. The next two in line get 5 beads and the outermost threads get 7 beads.

Step 8:
Continue creating your "X" pattern with the clove hitch knot

Step 9:
Repeat Step 5 with your beading.

Step 10:
Tie Two horizontal clove hitch rows. Then start the whole process again. And then again. You should end up with 4 rows of long thin beading and 3 "x" patterns when you are done. End the project by doing Step 2 again and then tying all of your threads in a knot. Trim off the excess making sure to leave a few inches for tying the bracelet to your wrist.

Step 11:
Remove the bracelet from the dowel and put it on!

If 7 hours seems like too long a time to spend tying this pretty bracelet, but you would still like to have it, you can purchase it from Tawny Bee for only $7! That's a dollar an hour folks! Great deal for Canada Day:

O' Canada Micro-Macrame Bracelet on Etsy

O' Canada Micro-Macrame Bracelet on Zibbet


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