Friday, 3 June 2011

A Little Green

I'm feeling a little green today. Actually I've been pretty sick all week. Terry was able to stay home and help me with the kids the past few days, but today I'm on my own.

Let me tell ya, my parenting skills are less than zero today.

As I'm typing this in fact, both kids are sitting in front of the TV eating jellybeans and M&Ms for lunch. Yup... fail...

I even took them to the dollar store today to kill time and keep them occupied.

I am now one of those mommies that lets her kids run wild in the dollar store. Except that my kids don't really run wild. Lane had her sandals on and she can barely walk in them. So she was in the stroller. And Logan has always been so well behaved that he just walked nicely beside me the whole time.

Good. At least the trinkets kept them busy for awhile. I even thought about posting this exact blog post while I was walking peacefully through the aisles.

Too bad I didn't think to snap a picture with my phone.

This sick fuzz in my head makes it tricky to think up the logistics of blog posting.

Always have a picture with the post.


So you get this nice one of my kids perusing the Canadian Tire last winter.

It's close enough...


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Jennie said...

KMart toy department is part of our daily walk routine. Jack likes to take all the balls off the rack and hide them between the bicycles.