Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet Week Round Up: The Accessories

This week, we've been exploring what it would be like to have Duck Feet, an Elephant Nose, a long long Tail, a spout on top of our heads and Deer Horns just like the little boy in the I Wish That I Had Duck Feet book by Dr. Suess.

On Friday Logan strapped on his swimming flippers and ran through the sprinkler. We also tried strapping a hose onto our heads to see what it would be like to have a spout on top of our heads. Great fun - but we decided that having a spout would be very wet and messy!

The Deer Horns have had to wait. I was going to make some but decided that I would cheat and get one of those lovely deer horn hats that they give out at Montanas when we went there for dinner one night. Unfortunately, they ran out that night, so I didn't get any. We're still waiting on those.

We've been having loads of fun exploring what it would be like to have an elephant nose.


Here's how I made the elephant nose in case you were wondering.

I started with two circles and one square with the bottom a bit wider than the top. I used blue fleece because that it what I had on hand.

I sewed the square together like a tube. Then I sewed the smaller circle onto the smaller hole at the end of the tube.

Then I stuffed the tube. I always use scraps of fabric to stuff my creations. But regular poly-fill would work as well.

Then I sewed the larger circle onto the big end of the tube. I bent the tube a bit to more resemble an elephant nose.

Then I sewed some scrap elastic onto the large end to form a loop. This elastic will hold the nose in place on your child's head.

Then I found some pink felt which I glued onto the small circle to resemble the end of an elephant nose. I used two oval scraps of the blue fleece for further decoration. I just hot glued these pieces in place.

Voila! Elephant Nose!

I wouldn't suggest that you place it over your child's nose. But on the forehead works well.

We've also been exploring what it's like to have a long, long tail.

Here's how I made the tail:

I sewed a long tube of animal-ish patterned fabric.

Then I added some yarn at one end of the tube.

I added two long ties to the other end of the tail for my kids to tie the tail onto their middles.

Ta da! Hours of fun for two curious children. And if you put all of these accessories on at once, you'll have your very own Which What Who kid! :D :D :D

We didn't get around to creating a costume box for all these new accessories like I had planned. So we'll add that into the plans for this upcoming week. Stay tuned tomorrow when I reveal my summertime plans for next week.


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