Thursday, 9 June 2011

I Got Nothing

Seriously folks. I have nothing new to share with you today. The kids are cute as usual. The weather is warm but I haven't done any yard work. Lane "helped" me bake some cookies this morning but I'll share those with you tomorrow for food Friday.

So today...

Hmmm... I guess I could tell you about the dream I had last night.

I'm in an oversharing kind of mood... ;)

So I was going to go to aqua-size with the whole family. But - oh no! I forgot my bathing suit! Good thing that when you sign up for 3 months of aqua-size, you get a free bathing suit. Phew! I was OK because the bathing suit was multi-coloured and looked like it would hide all my trouble spots. As I was pulling it on though I noticed something strange. The colours turned to clear when they stretched. And I had to stretch it big time! Gah! Here I was standing around in a see-through bathing suit! I grabbed some blue paper towel looking stuff to shove in the boobie area and decided it would have to do. Don't ask me what I did about my crotch - the dream didn't go that far. I guess crotch nudity at the pool is acceptable in dreamland?


Yeah... so I'm seriously self conscious today. Lane has already eaten 3 of those fresh baked cookies. Mommy hasn't eaten a single one. Don't want to be stretching my bathing suit until it's see-through this summer. Gotta hit that elliptical!

And so that you don't have that awful picture in your head all day, I'll leave you with a cute video of my little man playing his new favourite game:

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Jennie said...

That is such a Boy game. You described your dream so well I'm probably going to dream it tonight! I'll prime my subconscious to pack a scuba suit in my bag - I don't think I could do blue paper towels under a see-through swimsuit!