Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day 2011

It's rough being a dad in 2011.

You gotta get up at the crack of 8:15 (which is a considerable sleep in for Terry). You get accosted while on the can by two very excited children ready to show you the Homer (Simpsons) card they picked out for you and signed very proudly.

Then you have to drive the family to the Red River Ex to spend the day in the heat.

You gotta convince your children that hot tubs aren't great in the Winnipeg climate. And that $6000 doesn't grow on trees.

You gotta teach the kids how to hula hoop.

You gotta provide arts and crafts in a hot, hot tent that smells like wet dog.

You gotta make sure to get your kids all hopped up on sugar so that they won't complain about the heat and all the walking.

But you do get to enjoy some beef on a bun (which is one of the only reasons Terry endures a trip to the Red River Ex every year).

Happy Father's Day Terry! You're the best Dad EVAR! Me and the kids love you with all our hearts!


Kristie said...

LOL! We CONSIDERED going to the X today....gee you make it sound like such a treat! ;) We opted for bikes and Bird's Hill Park instead. No beef on a bun though....definite negative! Happy Father's day!

Unknown said...

A well-deserved sandwich! Happy Father's Day!