Friday, 27 May 2011

Young Mister Logan Had a Farm

Well Logan doesn't quite have a farm, but he went to a farm yesterday on a preschool field trip.

We weren't sure how he would react going on the bus by himself, so Terry went along. And they both had a terrific time.

He gently petted a baby sheep. And he was so excited to pocket a handful of soft sheep's wool from the shearing pile because he thought mommy would like it. Unfortunately, it got lost somewhere along the way, but he was right! I would like it :)

He checked out some goats. Apparently, they tried to eat the buttons off of daddy's coat.

He ate lunch on a picnic table with the rest of his classmates.

The most amazing thing about the trip was this:

My boy is confident enough to go for a pony ride! :D You have no idea how happy I was to see these photos. This would have been unheard of before school started. Logan wouldn't have even gone near the pony, let alone allow someone to put him on one and lead him around. I'm so proud!

Awesome... so... very... awesome.


Amber said...

This is so cool! My little guy is only 11 months old, and I've been wanting to take him to a petting zoo, but i think he's still too little! Maybe in the fall :) Cute photos!

Jennie said...

Go Logan! So brave going on the pony. It's so comforting when you realise you don't have to worry so much about them. We've started sending Jack to daycare one day a week in the hope it'll help his (very slow) language development.