Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Stuff And Things

This is a post about a bunch of stuff and things that I've been meaning to blog about but haven't gotten around to it. I'll just conveniently place them all in one post cuz... you know... I'm lazy... or for quick reference! :D

First order of craftiness - I finally got around to making a sticker book for Logan:

Yup it's awesome. You may remember the one I made for my cousin Caitlyn. I used this tutorial both times. This time I decided not to fold the ribbon over the edges and glue it down. Instead I just used a full piece on both sides and glued them together. Much easier!

Second order of Craftiness: I made the above decorations for our bathroom door!

I stole... er... I mean borrowed the idea from here. Instead of painting the wooden pieces, I mod podged some pretty scrap book paper onto the pieces. Turned out fabulous!

Third order of craftiness - I finally got some new/old stuff listed on Tawny Bee.

Remember Laney's pretty yellow size two bonnet? I listed it. Lane has made her decision and she's going with the upcycled raspberry one that I made a few months ago. It's her fave. Of course, I don't have enough fabric to recreate that one, so I took it out of the shop. I do however have enough fabric to make five more of these pretty yellow ones with the gold and orange flower embroidered on the side. Yay!

And the second Lost Socks Keeper is now up as well. This one is patchwork! :D

The last order of craftiness is a sad thing :(

Canada Post workers have decided to strike Wednesday, midnight. I've thought a lot about how this will effect my business. There is a chance that I will get an order or two in the Tawny Bee shop during this strike. I wondered if I should put my shop on vacation for the duration.

I've finally decided to keep the shop open. If I do receive orders, there will be a note attached explaining the strike and why it is too expensive to go with another mail carrier (FedEx, UPS etc.) and an offer of a full refund if the person does not want to wait it out.

I got this lovely wording from Faye of The Bauble Bin

"*******The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has served the 72 hour notice of strike action which will begin at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2011.

TawnyBee will continue to accept orders but nothing will be shipped until the strike ends. If you decide that you do not wish to wait any longer I will immediately provide you with a full refund on your PayPal Account once you have contacted me. Using courier service is too expensive to be a viable option for me. I deeply regret not being able to provide my loyal customers during this period of time but there is little that can be accomplished until the Postal Strike ends.

Tawny from Tawny Bee

Bleh. I hope this doesn't effect my shop in a negative way for too long. But I also understand a worker's right to strike to improve job security, conditions and safety and fully support Canada Post workers while they work through a new contract.

So, lots of stuff happening around here this week!

I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday! :D

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

erggg I hope the strike doesn't happen after all - I'm in the middle of a large custom order

great wording though!