Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Scene From Every Car Ride

Every time we get into the car to go anywhere, this is what we hear:

Terry: "Lane!"

"Lane, don't you think about it!"

"Lane, I mean it. Don't think about it."


"Don't take off your shoes Lane."

"Don't make me come back there Lane!"

"Lane, now don't take off your socks!"

"Lane, I mean it. You have stinky feet. Nobody needs that."

"Fine, i give up!"

- - - - - - -

Logan: "Daddy, Lane just took off her shoes and socks!"

When we arrive at our destination it takes an extra five minutes because Terry is stuck retrieving the socks and shoes and putting them back on our little girl.

At least she can't run away or hide the shoes while she's buckled in the car. Terry needs to look at the bright side. :P


Tracy said...

*L* My son does that once we get to where we're going (except stores). If we go to family or friend's houses, he instantly goes "choo ahff" "tock ahff". He gets very upset if his shoes come off in the car. Same if his shoes come off at the store. He freaks out. But that's cute. At least it is in your car. I knew a little girl that would throw her shoes ONCE she got into the store.

anita said...

Haha....I love it. Thanks for the laugh today. :-)