Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Socks Keepers and An Anxiety Update

I sold the colourful stripes version of the Lost Socks Keeper yesterday to a customer in Norway! Cool!

I've had a plan to replace everything I sell at Tawny Bee with 2 new items. So I've been working on 2 new Lost Socks Keepers. Here is the first one:

Ooooh, black and white!

You can purchase this one here (Etsy) or here (Zibbet).

I'm currently choosing a one of a kind fabric combination for the second Lost Socks Keeper.


And a new update on Logan's progress at school. We are so proud of our little guy. He was sick last week with the stomach flu and of course he loved staying home from school. He's still having a hard time about school, but once he gets there he's fine.

We were a little worried about Logan's first field trip to the firehall yesterday. Logan was NOT happy about arriving at school yesterday. He was required to keep his outdoor shoes on so that they could walk to the firehall. That little change was enough to set him off. He was weepy, but after I gave him and hug and left the classroom, he did wonderfully.

When I came to pick him up, he was all smiles! :D He saw a fireman slide down and pole and got to spray the big hose! What's more fun than that? Success! He's coming along so well at school. I'm so thankful to his wonderful teachers who know just how to handle a little boy with high anxiety. I love how much he's flourished.

Terry even said that Logan talks to the other children at the park. Last summer this was unheard of. We're very proud. :)

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Unknown said...

Loving the black and white!

It's amazing how kids grow and change in just a few months. My girls were that way too last summer. Still have their moments but waaay better. Here's to our kiddos having lots of fun this summer!