Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mama's Day

Today began when I woke up at a late 9:00 am. Terry and the kids let me sleep in. I shuffled on over to the bathroom to have a morning pee. I got comfortable on the potty when I heard a ruckus. Two sets of little feet were flying down the hall towards me. I could hear, "mommy, mommy, MOMMY!!!" shouted over and over again. Both kids smashed into the bathroom door and barged right in.

"Happy Mother's Day!" Lane presented me with a card.


That about sums Mother's Day up right there doesn't it?

Being a mother means that you will never pee in peace ever again.

And I don't mind one bit! :D

Look at how the kids decorated my card. Precious. Logan wrote his name all by himself. I love how he ran out of room and had to put the N underneath.

He also drew a picture of him and me holding hands. Laney screwed up the other drawings apparently by drawing all over them. Awesome.

Logan made this pretty picture for me in pre-school. I knew all week that he was working on something that he was supposed to keep a secret. I made the rookie mommy mistake of asking him what he was doing at school this week. He looked all sheepish and said that he was doing some colouring and decorating work. He didn't way what he was decorating. Hehehe. He was so so excited on Thursday when he got home to open his backpack and present a wrapped present to mommy.

I opened it up and found this - the most awesome gift ever! My little boy's hand print in yellow paint. I cried a little. It's my first school made Mother's Day gift. Of course, I didn't let Logan see the tears, even though they were tears of joy.

My sister and her husband sent me some Mother's Day flowers in a pretty pink basket. Terry is in the process of making me my favourite dinner. Woo hoo! I'm the luckiest mommy in the whole world. :D

So thank you to Logan and Lane for letting me be your mom (or at least putting up with me). And thank you to Terry for putting 2 babies in me and getting this whole experience started.


Happy Mama's Day to all of you who take care of another living being. It's tough work isn't it? I'm glad I'm in such good company! :D

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Holly said...

So sweet. I love the homemade sweet goodness of the kiddos card son Mothers Day and my birthday too!