Monday, 16 May 2011

Macrame Monday: Vertical Clove Hitch

Nope. The Vertical Clove Hitch is not some new type of dog training method.

It's a Macrame Knot of course!

Which means it's Macrame Monday today. Yay!

Today we're working on the vertical clove hitch. Incidentally, this is the last knot I'll teach you for this particular project. We'll be finishing our headband in the coming weeks and practicing the knots I've already taught for awhile before moving on. Practice Practice Practice!

So, to make the Vertical Clove Hitch we first have to remember how to make our basic Horizontal Clove Hitch. If you forget, just click on over here to refresh your memory.

Step One:
Instead of tying our knots onto an anchoring cord that is placed across all the cords, we'll be working our way downwards. Take your first two cords and create a clove hitch knot using one of the cords as an anchor.

Step Two:
Move onto the two cords right next to the ones you were working on. Place a clove hitch knot on those two. And so on and so on.

I gotta admit, this was one tough knot to try out on the yarn. I kept getting mixed up. I couldn't get them to align straight. I didn't know how tight to tighten them. I ended up taking a pile of knots out and starting over several times.

My advice to you: just do what looks nice. It doesn't matter if the knots are perfectly done. I think mine ended up looking nice even though I couldn't get them straight. After I did the first row, I decided to skip one cord and tie some more vertical clove hitch knots on the alternate cords.

This is what it ended up looking like:

Kind of a neat netted look after my diamond shape.

Yeah, not all the knots were perfect, but I'm still learning.

Next time: We'll be working backwards and finishing off the knotting for our headbands! Hooray!

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How to Macrame said...

very nice. at first I read that as "headboard" instead of headband...I was thinking that's gonna be a HECK of a lotta knots!