Monday, 30 May 2011

Macrame Monday: Headband Finish!

Awww... doesn't that macrame headband look so cute? Yes, I finally got myself a display head. She's happily displaying my finished macrame headband today on my cutting table. :)

So I guess I should show you how to finish your headband.

Go grab your headband project and meet me back here!

Step One:
Remember all those knots you put in the first part of your project? Well, I put a few more horizontal clove hitch knots in the centre and then worked backwards, putting in the same knots as I did in the first part, only going the other way. So first, put in some more vertical clove hitches, then a diamond and then finish off the X. End with some horizontal clove hitches to make the pattern nice and even.

Step Two:
Remove the project from the dowel by sliding it gently off. Then leave about two inches of cording at the bottom and trim the rest off. Cut some ties out of matching fabric (or contrasting fabric if you like). Make sure they are enough to be able to tie the fabric around your head when sewn together.

Step Three:
Press your ties in a "hem around all edges and then in half. Pin them on each side of your headband.

Step Four:
Sew across the tie where the macrame in pinned and down the side and across the bottom to finish the ties.

Step Five:
Try on your headband. Oooh pretty!

My pictures aren't so good. It's been raining or gloomy around here for days, so I had to take some yucky ones.

But it sure looks pretty on my new model. Do you think I should name her? Hmmm.... Maybe I'll have a contest later.


Here are the tutorials you will need to check out in order to make this macrame headband:
Measuring and Project Start
Horizontal Clove Hitch
Diagonal Clove Hitch
Diagonal Clove Hitch Pt. 2 - Diamond
Vertical Clove Hitch

Stay tuned for the next Macrame Monday where I'll have an adventure into Micro-macrame jewelry!


Sandra Tyler said...

Very interested in your macrame -- that is something I've been wanting to try and integrate into my weaving.
My blogs are also about both my craft and family, so am happy to follow you; found your link via zibbet. hope you can follow me back. We may learn from each other!

How to Macrame said...

Nice work on the macrame headband, and the color's kind of a perfect match for your macrame shoes! Weather in Northern CA has been really funky too-its raining a little bit right now. weird! Oh well, more time for macrame!