Monday, 2 May 2011

Macrame Monday: Diagonal Clove Hitch Pt. 2 and Fusion Fun!

Today as promised we will be creating the Diamond part of the Diagonal Clove Hitch Knot.

No, that isn't some sort of fancy jewelry that Wills bought for Kate.

It's Macrame!

Which means, it's Macrame Monday! Whoopeee! :D

Once again, follow these simple steps and you will be able to create a very nice diamond pattern.

Step One:
Take your two innermost (in the middle) cords and pin them to the outer edge in the shape of a top of a diamond.

Step Two:
Starting with the next innermost cords, use the clove hitch knot that we learned here and work your way out to the edge on both sides. Be careful not to mix up the order of the cords. I had to unknot (is that a word?) several times. Hmmm I guess "untie" would be more accurate.

Step Three:
Once you get to the edges, you can unpin your anchor cords and pin them on the opposite sides in order to make the bottom of the diamond shape. Continue your clove hitch knots working toward the middle from both sides.

Voila! And yes, I'm well aware that the diamond pictured above looks more like a circle. Hard to knot with only a few cords.

But the one I did on my actual headband project is awesome!

Remember that since we have already put an X pattern into our headband, we only have to knot the bottom of the diamond to finish it up. Yay!

Here's what we've got so far. Not bad eh? I think next week, we'll learn one more knot to finish up the Clove Hitch series.

We haven't yet got to the vertical Clove Hitch. We'll tackle that one next week and then start working our pattern back to the beginning to make a nice symmetrical headband.

In related news, I found the most interesting book at the Children's Hospital Book Fair today. Fingerweaving! (from 1974)

You know how chefs are always working on strange and awesome food fusion projects? Well, why not give Macrame a modern twist by combining some elements of fingerweaving into our Macrame projects? I think it'll be awesome!

Look at these fun things we could combine with some Macrame knots. The back of this book even says: "As easy as Macrame, but with spectacular woven results!" Oh boy!

I could call it, "Fincrame" or "Macraweaving"? Stay tuned for some awesome, mind blowing, wondrous Fincrame projects coming up! :P Hmmm ... maybe not. But no worries, I'll come up with some crazy name to call our new fusion projects. Just give me a few weeks to figure it out :)

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