Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lane's Curtains

Help! Lane's bedroom curtains need to go.

The curtains that were in there when we moved in are not good.

Yeah... they don't even hang on the curtain rod anymore. Yipes.

I know we haven't even begun decorating Lane's room, but something needs to be done.

I need your help with curtain decisions.

Here is another look at the curtains when they are closed in Lane's room.


And here is a picture of her walls, to get an idea of colour. Beige...

Again, bleh...

We're thinking about painting them a fresh, neutral white. That way we are free to add wall vinyls or other fun little girls decorations.

But for now we'll start with the curtains. If you click on over to here - you'll see the styling I want to make for Lane's new curtains. So pretty!

This is the fabric I want for the main piece of the curtains. What do you think?

Strawberries! But not Strawberry Shortcake (that's my dream, not Lane's hehehe). I think I'm going to cut up her existing curtain to use as lining because the white might let in too much light. Especially since Lane's room is East facing and she gets a ton of bright morning light. With white walls, would this be too much?

Maybe I'll show you the accent fabric before you answer that.

I'm leaning toward the more reddish one at the bottom of the photo, but the roll at the top is pretty as well. I think with the valance and the sashes being this red, maybe the white walls and white curtains won't be too bad together?

And with this start, I think there might be tons of possibilities for wall decoration. Fruit, trees, gardens, animals (mostly puppies and bunnies since that is what Lane loves), etc. Do you think the strawberries will grow along with Lane? Or will I be making new curtains after a couple of years? Hmmm....

Decisions, decisions. I have no idea what I'm doing. Before this wonderful house ownership thing we rented our places so we weren't able to decorate. It's fun and intimidating to be put in charge of decorating a house. :)

So once again:
Strawberries, yay or nay?
If strawberries, then white and red (top roll) or red and white (bottom roll)?
Will white curtains be OK with white decorated walls?
Will the curtains have a good shelf life, or will Lane outgrow them too fast?
What theme would you decorate the rest of the room with?

And finally:

What the hell am I doing anyway? I'm not old enough to be decorating my house! That sounds very grown up and scary!


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

yay to the strawberries! yay for the red accent, you can so make those curtains! or did you pick that style cause of the quote in the text hahahahaha
umm white walls, really? just make it very washable... white shows every single wall flaw, dimple and scratch, is the drywall in really good shape? cause if not you may regret it, esp. if her room gets lots of light, it will all show...
or do you need to use lots of killz to get rid of spots and stains etc...
and how often you redo? my sons room, only 2 paint jobs in 20 years, my daughters, 4 in 14 yrs but she did the last one herself so depends on the decorating aspirations of the kid

LatFadingSmile said...

I like the strawberries! They're cute, and I think they'll age just fine. They have a kind of retro-chic appeal.

The more allover red would definitely be better for the accents. The pattern would just get muddled otherwise.

I'm not sure about the wall colours. If the curtains are sufficiently weighted, which they should be especially if you're using the old ones as lining, then it shouldn't be TOO bright with white walls, but I say keep an open mind. There are a lot of shades within the white spectrum. You can definitely have a lot of fun with colour, too, especially as trim.

I don't know if you subscribe to the idea of colour psychology, but this is an interesting little article about it, with particular relation to kids' rooms.

Even if you don't jive with the theories, it might give you some ideas of colour schemes you might like to try. :)

I love the idea of decals and stuff. For some reason the strawberries make me think of birds and monkeys. Don't ask me why, I just work here. :D

Unknown said...

I love the strawberries! I would have loved it as a kid as well. I am also leaning towards the dark red on the bottom as an accent.

With all the bright red from the accent, the strawberries and whatever trims you are using, I think it would look really fresh against a white wall.