Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How Tuesday: Quick Spiderman Coffee Cozy

Terry has been home for the past 6 weeks, so I've been let in on his secret love for Tim Horton's coffee. After we drop Logan off at school in the morning, we get in the car and go through the drive thru. Well, this is all fine and good, but because I haven't been able to lift Lane, she is stuck in the car afterward unless Terry picks her up. This leaves me holding a very hot coffee! Why doesn't Timmy's have some of those nice cardboard holder thingies?

Anyway, something had to be done. My little digits couldn't take the heat.

Do you like my solution? I used one of the last little scraps of the Spiderman fabric that Terry so loves to make a coffee cozy.

If you want to make your own, here's how:

Supplies Needed:
- some thick felt, or piece of carpet
- scrap fabric for main piece
- a button
- a small hair elastic or small (1/4 or 1/8 inch width) elastic
- hot glue
- some thread and a needle for sewing
- Pattern for Cozy (download it here)
- scrap piece of knit (optional)

Skill Needed:
- Easy - minimal sewing
- Sewing on a button

Time Needed:
- About 20 minutes

Step One:
- Print and cut out coffee cozy pattern piece. You can also measure your own piece using your favourite coffee cup. The one I made fits a Tim Horton's size large cup, but has lots of room to fit something larger. It will also fit a smaller cup because of the adjustable button closure.

- Cut out your felt piece, using the pattern piece. Also cut a piece of your main fabric a little larger than the felt piece. It doesn't have to be perfect because we'll be gluing it anyway.

Step Two:
- use hot glue to glue your fabric piece onto your felt/carpet piece. It'll look messy on the back, but that doesn't matter.

This is what it will look like from the front.

Step Three (optional):
- I used a piece of scrap knit that I had in my stash to glue over top of the messy back. It isn't necessary, since you won't see it, but it makes it look a bit nicer. The knit won't fray along the edges, so the cozy might end up lasting a bit longer.

Step Four:
- Cut about 3 inches of your elastic, or use a hair elastic. Sew it onto the inside of your coffee cozy as pictures above. The elastic loop should stick out past the edge of one side.

Step Five:
- Sew the button on the front of your cozy on the opposite side of where you placed your elastic loop.

Step Six:
- fasten the coffee cozy by wrapping it around your coffee cup and looping the elastic over the button.

Ooooh toasty! This thick, pretty coffee cozy not only protects sensitive fingers, but also keeps your coffee warmer for longer.

Terry enjoying his new coffee cozy... well he's enjoying his coffee anyway. It was a rough morning. hehehe.

As always, you can use this tutorial to make cozies for your friends, for yourself, for your co-workers, for the coffee-loving mailman, and even to sell. Do what you need to do (although a little plug for Tawny Bee in your listing would be much appreciated!)

And if you do try this tutorial out, I would love to see your version. Please share on the Tawny Bee Flickr Group, or email me a photo (email link in my Blogger profile), or write up a blog post about it and link it up in the comments below.

Now go forth and be merry all your caffeine addicts! :D


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Melissa said...

I love that you did something that is boyish. You see tons of girlie stuff! Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.



Naturally Me Creations said...

I think it's a great idea! I dunno why they put such HOT drinks in a cup that causes you to burn your hands, ish!

Tnx for linking up at Who Made What? Weekends! :)