Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Cat Eyes and Lanyards

I've been thinking about getting new eyeglasses for awhile now and finally went to pick out frames. I love my Versace square shaped glasses, but I've had them for almost 4 years. Time for a new pair!

Meet my D&G Cat Eyes! Ooooh.... Ahhhhh....

Before you start in on the super nerd comments, remember that I love these glasses very much. And Terry even OK'd them before I ordered them.

Once I got these glasses, I knew that I would have to accessorize them in a really special way. Does anyone else accessorize their accessories? Hehehe... maybe just me.

I knew exactly how to do it. Ruth of Periwinkle Dzyns makes the most awesomely geeky jewelry evar! And she makes lanyards out of spare computer parts!

I was about to buy one when I happened to win a giveaway she was having on her blog. She changed her plans for the prize and made me a lanyard in my very favourite colour - orange!

Look at those tiny resistors or transistors or whatchamacallems in there. She even dyed the buttons to match the orange. Love it! I especially love dangling my sunglasses from the lanyard when I'm indoors and need to wear my regular glasses. So cool... er... or dorky...

Terrible photo of me I know. But the lanyard is super cute! Logan has been sick with some sort of stomach bug, so I'm lounging around the house all day in my jammies with my hair tied back in a clip so that I can catch the puke at any moment. No worries though, I'm keeping my lovely new accessory away from the sick zone. Lane is wearing it as a belt right now. She's such a fashion diva hehehe.

Ruth - I owe you an actual purchase from your store! Now just to choose. So many awesome geeky things.

What is your favourite new accessory?

And you can now hit me with all of your prim librarian jokes. Although I think I've heard them all. Terry keeps asking me where to find Great Expectations or where the periodicals are. Har Har, he's such a comedian.

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