Sunday, 1 May 2011

Big Boy Upgrades

My little boy is growing up so fast. Just in the past few weeks. I'm really feeling like I'm losing my little guy. He's such a big boy!

Since we've completed potty training, Logan has been a little weary about wearing underwear (instead of pull-ups) to bed because he couldn't reach the light in the bathroom and didn't want to go in the dark. We bought him a flashlight, but that wasn't convincing him. So Terry found this neato contraption.

Online at this neato store: Dear-Born Baby

Now there are no fears of going to the bathroom at night. It's even supposed to glow in the dark. But it's placed in the hallway which doesn't get much light during the day, so it never charges enough to actually glow. Oh well, Logan still takes his flashlight down the hall to turn on the light.

Lane likes it too, but she's not big enough yet to reach it. Probably a good thing, because she would find it her personal mission to destroy it I'm sure.

We also bought Logan a "big boy" bike!

And I even got him to stop peddling for a second to pose for a picture. The sun was in his eyes, so he's all squinty, but very proud of having a Hot Wheels bike that makes real motorcycle noises.

Where's my baby? It's a good thing I still have Lane for awhile yet.

Logan is coming along really well with his printing as well. He can write out his name pretty clearly. When he gets to the G he always says, "a circle with a hook." Awesome.

He was busy drawing a picture of all his favourite things. He drew Edmonton, and Calgary (he's never been there but that's where his hero uncle Davan lives), the beach and then he drew some fave things in Winnipeg: his house, the TV, the zoo and the 7-Eleven. hehehe

When he was drawing the 7-Eleven, he was singing, "through the clouds and down from heaven, that's the way to make a seven." And then, "A straight line down is fun because that's the way you make a one." So cute! He's really flourishing in that pre-school of his.

I'm so proud of my little boy... erhmmm... BIG boy. :)

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