Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sympathy Pains?

We had a fun day at West Edmonton Mall before we had to spend the day at the hospital for the pre-admission appointment. As expected, the kids started showing signs of anxiety about an hour into the pre-admission day. And it was a whole day! What a waste of time. I could have got all the stuff they needed done in half that time, but everything moves like molasses at a hospital. After about an hour of waiting around I sent the kids back to the hotel with Terry to prevent any full on break downs or panic attacks.

Anyway, by the next day (surgery day), the kids were really starting to show signs of cracking. They waited in the waiting room, but when I got sent into the surgery prep room, they had clearly had enough. I sent them back to the hotel to await a phone call from the surgeon after it was done.

That's when Lane got sick. And boy did she get sick! Lots of puking, and crying and being upset.

And lots of sleeping for her for the next few days.

Aww... this picture kills me. I hate it when my kids are sick. And especially when I'm stuck in the hospital and can't do anything about it. Terry spent the next few days pretty much tied to the kids and stuck in the hotel room. It was a good thing that my Dad, brother, sister, brother in law and Chelsea were all there to keep me company at the hospital because the kids couldn't visit. Not with whatever bug Lane picked up. Not safe for heart patients.

Here she is trying to eat some bread. My precious little baby! Terry had to text me photo updates every few hours so that I wouldn't go crazy.

My family kept telling me that she was feeling sick because she was anxious about her mommy and mommy wasn't there. Sympathy pains? A nice thought. But it was most likely that she was licking something in the ball pit at the mall a few days before. Or the fact that she'd been eating nothing but restaurant food for a few days and that can really wreak havoc on a little person's tummy. :(

You know those news programs that try to scare the whits out of you over seemingly innocuous things? Well, pay attention to the one about hotel ice buckets! They say there are hints of all sorts of bacteria in those things. It's true now! They work really well as baby puke buckets. Gross.

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Jennie said...

I was already chuckling over the licking of things in the ball pit when you hit me with the ice bucket being used for puke. Thanks for the warning!